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OneCoin Advantages Over Other Cryptocurrencies



OneCoin Advantages
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I want to draw your attention to OneCoin advantages over other cryptocurrencies available in the market. Why OneCoin is so important and getting so much popularity in the world.

We will discuss every point in detail here. So let’s begin with OneCoin advantages over other altcoins.

1. OneCoin Is Merchant Coin

OneCoin is a merchant coin. Which is mine by the OneLife members with free promotional tokens?

Now you may ask why other altcoins are not merchant coins? All altcoins are trading coins because the main objective behind their launch was online trading.

There merchant base is rare. Only Bitcoin, Ethereum and some other altcoin have merchants. But they are very less in numbers.

The main objective of OneCoin is to use an e-commerce platform for purchasing goods and services.

People can use ONE for buying lands and homes they can pay bills and hotel payment. And we are seeing the live example of the merchant coin in all countries.

2. Direct Usability [ OneCoin Advantages ]

OneCoin has direct usability on the DealShaker E-Commerce platform. Dealshaker is one of the best and largest e-commerce platforms with direct OneCoin payment.

Bitcoin or any other Altcoin has no direct usability on the e-commerce platform. Many people try to steal the OneCoin concept but they all are failed now.

Some of OneCoin leaders also try to operate a parallel system like Duncan Author who makes a duplicate e-commerce website and cheated

3. Stable Price OneCoin Advantages!!

OneCoin is a merchant coin not trading coin. The same demand and supply concept defines OneCoin price. But here demand and supply are considered with the active merchants. Likewise, They are using OneCoin on the DealShaker platform.

While other coins demand and supply are defined on the basis of past 24 hours trading volume which is totally unrealistic. It may drop or surge without any previous expectations.

While the OneCoin concept is completely different and unique. Everything is under control and we can monitor it.

4. Global Reach

One coin is recognized internationally. More the 200 countries people recognized OneCoin and they are the active member of OneLife.

Almost 3.5 million active users are taking OneCoin advantages with OneAcademy education, and mining experience with promotional tokens.

Everyone knows that OneCoin is not open to the public yet but it has the global reach without exchange. And this is an important part of OneCoin vision.

5. Largest Merchant Base

Today, One Coin has over one million registered merchants. Also, they are selling products and services with ONE payment for the last 5 years.

This in itself is very important. you can buy any available product and service globally with OneCoin. And we all know that OneCoin exchange is on the way yet.

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This is the reality of OneEcosystem. And everyone should take advantage of the beautiful ecosystem. Largest merchants are the biggest OneCoin advantages worldwise.