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ONE Ecosystem OneCoin More Than Cryptocurrency



OneCoin More Than Cryptocurrency: Today we will see the entire OneLife or One Ecosystem. Through this post, we are going to understand the complete relativity of all parts.

What Is One Ecosystem

An arrangement in which all things are connected to each other is called an ecosystem.

In the same way, One Ecosystem is a group of multiple projects like DealShaker, OneWorld foundation, One Academy, One Forex, Exchange, Remittance, and DealShaker Franchise.

All these projects are connected to each other and they complement each other.

What Is OneLife Network

OneLife Network is a global network of people who purchased the crypto education package. And these people are making themself crypto experts by doing practical mining with free tokens and attending lectures on OneAcademy.


Through OneAcademy OneLife network providing a world-class education to its IMA. There are top class lectures prepared by highly qualified teachers. On financial management, finance, crypto, risk management, etc.


It is a global forex trading platform. Likewise, here we can trade forex currency with Meta Trade Fio V5 software.

OneForex offers multiple trading account options for trading initiation. Also, they accept OneCoin payment for starting OneForex trading.


It is the largest online e-commerce platform where people can purchase products and services with OneCoin payment.

Currently, there are almost 7.5 lakh merchants dealing with OneCoin payment. You can stay in a hotel, purchase a flat, car. Also, almost all of the required products are listed here.

What is The Concept of One Ecosystem

The concept of One Eco System is to create a self-sufficient platform. Also, under which we can connect through a network at the global level.

Likewise, for this, we do not need to depend on any third party. So, It would not be a bad thing. To call it a parallel system if it is clearly stated.

It is a system that is completely independent of society even while in society.

Every company has its own ecosystem where everything remains related to each other. On the basis of all these facts, we can say that ONE Ecosystem OneCoin More Than Cryptocurrency.

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OneCoin Specifics 100% legal for exchange.

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