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ONE Coin Is More Than Exchange [Itself] Don’t Miss Description



The love for entrepreneurial lifestyle has been enough to keep many business owners passionate about their business projects. Large businesses aim to sell goods and/or services on the DealShaker platform for 100 % ONE Coin and they are very happy with the results. Most of these businesses use trading products and services not only as a marketing strategy but also as part of the One Ecosystem philosophy.

On the other hand, it is quite possible when running a smaller business for a merchant to feel overwhelmed by selling goods/services for a big percentage of ONE coin. This can lead to financial difficulties for the merchant in the long run, especially, if he has been given wrong instructions on how to work with the DealShaker platform as a commerce hub. In order to prevent a situation like an insolvency and pre-bankruptcy, we have to teach merchants how to sell on the DealShaker platform incorrect way in order to conduct a successful business.

In fact, the Exchange is just one coin part from The Ecosystem with equal importance as all other parts. It is not the solution for the merchants. Its main purpose is to enhance the OLN IMAs trading and flexibility of payments.

The wrong perception can lead to posting wrong deals which could hinder the Ecosystem functionalities further.

Here are some
for a successful DealShaker business:

ONE Coin ONE Ecosystem

If the merchant insists on selling goods for 100 % ONE coin it is compulsory to calculate profit margins which will help understand the relative profitability of the business activity.

Profit’s broad definition is the cash and financial resources left after expenditure.

The merchant has to calculate how much can be used from the profit margin for business expansion. In many cases, the merchant accepts 100 % ONE coin as an advertising expense or sales promotion due to the fact 100% ONE coin attracts new customers to the DealShaker platform. In such cases, it is recommended the deal to be redeemed at the location, in order to bring more people to visit the shop/restaurant, etc.

  1. If the business is a restaurant/bar/café, the owner is able to allow buyers purchases in 100 % ONE coin for certain dishes and drinks. Going to such place customers are suggested to spend fiat to purchase drinks for the dish or snack they found on the DealShaker in 100% ONE coin.
  2. Enhancing merchant activities and cash flow voucher sales through the DealShaker is a rapidly growing lucrative business. It is attractive because it provides constant cash flow for the merchants.

If a buyer spends a certain amount of money at the merchant’s location, the merchant is able to give the customer a voucher in ONE coin, equal to a specific amount.

ONE Coin ONE Ecosystem
ONE Coin ONE Ecosystem

More cash spent,
Higher value voucher in ONE coin
due to a bigger Profit Margin.

  1. If the merchant has discounts buying his goods he can use that discount for the coin price.
  2. If the merchant offers services (not goods) his profit is higher in most cases and he can afford a higher percentage in ONEs.
  3. Try to create a DealShaker ecosystem from different merchants in your region thus reducing your fiat spending.
  4. Create a product by using resources obtained by only using ONE coin. Then that product can be sold just for ONE coin.


The bakery uses flours purchased in ONE coin which enables the baker to set a price tag in ONE coin for all his products due to the fact the main sources of his expenditures are in ONE coin.

ONE Coin ONE Ecosystem
  1. Use the market opportunity and potential of the DealShaker e-commerce hub – Serve a Higher Purpose.

Every merchant can participate.

Every merchant should decide how much goods/services they can provide.

You need a corner where to put that sign and the goods/ services that will participate. It is possible to create such deals in DealShaker, too.

Everybody in need can ask for that (one coin service/ good for one person).

Everybody in need can ask for that (one coin service/ good for one person).

It is free!

Imagine how many are we. Imagine how quickly our shared efforts we can make the world a better place. Let’s send a clear message to all that it is worth helping.

What might provide endless motivation for one person, might not work for another? Furthermore, the peculiarities of One EcoSystem help the merchants to build strong relationships with buyers through a set of shared values.

In DealShaker merchants and buyers have to evaluate their decisions not only from a business perspective (desire return) but from a moral perspective, too (if the purchase is ‘right’ and valuable in ONE coin vision context).

Have you ever been in a situation where a buyer buys all your goods and then go to sale it for fiat? These buyers focus only on their benefit alone, not caring for the OneLife vision and cause. The merchant can protect himself by including a clause in the deals T&C that a single product could be bought by a single person.

We know people need to hear the encouraging human stories. The ones that remind us we are not alone in our journey and this is a great reason to start this ‘different’ campaign. You can follow the weekly newsletter for them.

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