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OneLife News Official OneCoin Announcement



Official OneCoin OneLife News
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OneLife News Official Announcement

Today we will discuss official OneLife News published in the recent newsletter. The new year is about to come and the company has also made a lot of preparations for the new year. We will see all these updates in detail.

OneLife News

1. Announcement of New Caption And Sub Captian

There is always a miscommunication between corporate and OneLife or OneCoin members. There are so many leaders who have quit or fired by the company in this reference.

Now This gap between two different banks has been covered by a solid bridge. The company recently announced that Li Simon Quoc Hong(Crown Diamond of OneLife network) is promoted as a new Caption.

Also Cordel “King Jayms” James(Blue Diamond of OneLife Network) is promoted as co-caption of Oneife company for assisting Li Simon.

Now by this announcement the company has cleared that these both captions will work as a bridge or mediator. Between OneLife or OneCoin Company and the OneLife Members.

This is really the biggest announcement from the company. Now the company officially presents someone to speak on behalf of the company. It’s a good OneCoin News.

2. Company Planning For 2020

OneCoin is a merchant coin and the company is working hard to make it usable for everyone. Recent time is very challenging for OneCoin. So the company is working for new OLN promotion and Dealshaker promotion for the upcoming 3-4 months.

  • OLN Promotion
  • DealShaker Promotion
  • Ranking promotion

(I) ONL Promotion

OneLife network promotion opens the door for the mass adoption of OneCoin cryptocurrency. The more people will be aware of OneCoin the more will be demand.

And Demand will increase its value. Because we all know that the supply is limited. And one day ONE will be most difficult for mining. This is an important part of OneLife news.

(II) DealShaker Promotion

DealShaker promotion is a must for creating the usability of the coin in the open market. Also, The more merchant will adopt OneCoin (ONE) the more will be stability.

Here stability refers to the price stability or price flow in a positive direction. People should be properly familiar with the uses of OneCoin cryptocurrency.

And DealShaker is the biggest online e-commerce store. Here we buy products and services using our OneCoin.

(III) Ranking Promotion

Ranking promotion leads to the global number one(No. 1) position of ONE cryptocurrency. Likewise, OneCoin should be the number one choice for merchants. No. 1 choice for investors, No. 1 choice for traders, many more.

So all possible steps will be taken by the company the promote all ONE ecosystem. By the OneCoin is already No. 1 in terms of usability, no. of merchants, and mass adoption, etc.

3. OneLife News For Existing Website Issue

Mostly everyone is asking why OneCoin.EU website is not opening. The company’s statement is that there are some technical issues.

And our engineers are fixing these issues and they are updating the software. Very soon everything will be fixed.

There are some changes in the cryptocurrency market all the time. It is also very important to update the software for this.

Likewise, according to the new plan, the company needs to make some changes in its execution information.

In addition to this, when the company makes some updates in its software. Likewise, It can still face such problems, but there is no point of panic in this also.

4. OneLife News New GLG Recruitment

The company is also recruiting new GLG members. Keeping in view of the upcoming requirements. Likewise, the company will also have requirements for inner circle GLG members.

The company has asked to follow its official newsletter. Also, all the information given in this context will be given through the weekly newsletter only.

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