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Good News! NewDealshaker Will Launch Till Feb End 2020



NewDealShaker will Launch
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Hello and a very warm welcome to all OneLife member for NewDealshaker will launch till Feb end 2020. It’s really good news for all OneLife members and also for the whole world.

Dear friend as we know that before we were active on the NewDealshaker platform. But due to some ex-leaders cheat company withdraw its connection with that platform.

NewDealshaker is an integral part that proves the true reality of onecoin usability. NewDealshaker will be available for all OneCoiners and in-onecoin members. Also, there will be a great feature for doing payment in fiat along with OneCoin digital money.

Existing payment gateway like Paypal or Payoneer or something else will be integrated with this platform. Soon the company will announce it.

First, we will see the official proof of the company regarding this reference.

NewDealshaker Will Launch Till Feb 2020 Proof

NewDealshaker Will Launch Till Feb

NewDealShaker Will Launch Till Feb All Benefit of Platform

1. Awareness

From this beginning, more and more people will get to know about the company. The Delshekar expo[Bazar]fair being held all over the world is a living example of this.

Here we get an opportunity to promote our product and we also give a message to the whole world. Also, we promote the digital currency uses.

2. Increase Merchants

When people will start accepting payment in fiat with ONE digital money. They will start introducing new merchants.

Also, all non-active members will become active. Through this, we will get a chance to make more and more merchants.

3. No Fear of Conversion

Till now we are seeing that people are not doing business openly with DealShaker. May be due to conversion fear. They don’t know when we will get conversion from ONE to fiat.

But with NewDealshaker they will be able to accept payment in Fiat along with ONE.

Here we can all accept payments in our fiat currency and can also transfer them to our account. So, it will eliminate the fear of conversion.

All the Existing Merchants will start getting conversion in exchange for their product.

4. No Need for Exchange

If I am not wrong most people are waiting for the exchange launch. They want to get fiat currency for making their currency worth buying something like food, home, land, medicines, etc.

NewDealShaker will launch all products and services with OneCoin and fiat combination.

So, with the help of upcoming NewDealshaker features, people will buy everything on the Dealshaker platform. So they will not go to market with fiat currency.

Why DealShaker Will Launch All Products And Services

DealShaker is an online e-commerce platform similar to Amazon and Flipkart. Also, it,s function will be the same as all existing e-commerce platforms.

Similar to Amazon gift voucher, and Flipkart shopping points we will be able to make payments with OneCoin along with fiat currency.

Nothing is wrong and incorrect in this system. Because ONE is mined with free optional tokens received with OneLife education package.

We can use these coins on our existing DealShaker platform also. NewDealshaker will launch an option to pay with ONE+Fiat combination.

And this is the beauty of our system, on which we are going to progress day and night.

NewDealShaker Will Launch Till Feb 2020

As we see the official notification newDealShaker will launch all features till the end of Feb 2020. We have attached the proof with is post.

I hope you have understood the message given by us clearly. If you have had any problem understanding it, then you can ask us by commenting.

If you want any more information related to this topic only then you can comment on us. We will try to resolve your problem as soon as possible. We will be very happy to help you. Because happiness grows only by sharing.

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