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New Regency Television OneCoin Show



Recently I heard about the new regency television OneCoin show. As per the source website, New regency Television wins the right to show Onecoin episode on television.

Hearing this news, many kinds of thoughts will be coming in your mind. Like, whether they will tell about our company’s favor or will give some wrong information against the company.

You may be aware that the BBC had also shared some similar radio news some time ago. And was closed after running news for a few month’s time. You may check the email conversations between onecoin and BBC.

What is New Regency Television

New Regency Television is a US-based entertainment channel. They want to make a series on OneCoin founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova.

As per the news published on the website they are promoting OneCoin in a negative way.

Bitcoin followers say that OneCoin was the biggest scam in history. And they want to aware of the whole world against such scams.

New Regency Television OneCoin Show will show the story of the missing queen.

Why New Regency Television Releasing OneCoin show

New regency television is doing this after influencing by BBC. They told that during BBC podcast it was the top trending news for at least 1 year.

In the same way, they want more attention from the world. Media only want high TRP as it is their business model.

OneCoin has more than 3.7 million members and at least 0.8 million merchants. So, New regency is expecting good potential in this news and they releasing a show regarding this.

Why All US-Based Organisation Doing This

According to the OneCoin business model, it is a merchant coin. Which is stable and can be used as a remittance. While all existing crypto coins failed in this reference.

Recently BaFin appeal is pending and they will get clearance from that side. But we think they will have to prove themself before approval.

OneCoin is a completely legal system. There are so many agencies that have audited the OneCoin platform. Swedish police also drop the OneCoin investigation.

I think now the US is playing with emotions. The US wants to create a negative image among people. I am giving some examples.

1. Cloudflare Flag The OneCoin Site

While we try to open OneCoin or OneLife website we get a phishing site error. Cloudflare is a US-based website and because of US authorities, Cloudflare is doing this.

But don’t worry till Feb end everything will be clear.

2. Konstantin Was Arrested in the US

Onecoin caption Konstantin was arrested in the US. it was not a coincidence. This was a ready-made plan. In connection with this arrest, the company addressed the public through one of its official press releases.

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