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New DealShaker Platform Will Launch In Mid 2020



Hi and welcome to very good official news “New DealShaker Platform Will Launch in Mid 2020”. We are going to discuss everything about the new DealShaker announcement and the latest development progress in this post.

But as you know we are trying to provide all true official news in simple we never compromise with the quality and reality of facts. So, before proceeding further we want to show the official newsletter.

New DealShaker Platform Will Launch

So, they are saying that the New DealShaker platform wi be released till mid-2020. Mid 2020 means until the end of June Month or the beginning of July.

All people will be able to buy goods and services with One payment along with fiat payment integration after mid-2020.

When New DealShaker Will Be Launched?

They have clearly mentioned that during a huge company event. means the new Dealshaker platform will be launched with a big company event.

It may be DealShaker expo or something else like miss world or any other eCommerce fair.

How Will Be The New DealShaker Platform?

As per the above image proof, the new DealShaker platform will be Secure, Stable and Modern. let’s understand them clearly.

1. Secure

New DealShaker platform will be monitored through CDD, and, KYC verification process. Identity and address verification details will be stored in blockchain system.

And the country manager will be responsible for authority for a specific country. No illegal or fraudulent activity like a fake deal and a fake merchant can enter here.

2. Stable

Stability is the focal point for success. We are facing many issues because of our ex NewDealShaker platform.

That was a bad time when some leaders were involved in a fraudulent activity like fake deals and fake products.

In that platform, many people claim that their coins are stolen by deal owners. But the new platform will be completely safe and reliable.

None of such activity can happen here.

3. Modern

Modern DealShaker platform will a hub for merchants, members and new customers. Where people can review the products and also refer to any deals for the needy.

Here we will see some friend circle features and a modern payment system. New DealShaker platform will launch in mid-2020 we will see everything ourselves then.

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