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Lviv OneCoin Merchant Crypto Center @ 50/50 ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉).



Lviv OneCoin Merchants

Dear Friends In this post we are going to share some useful experience with Lviv OneCoin Merchants at crypto center.

New day, new city. We do not sit in Kyiv, I want to move

A wonderful Saturday day began with a meeting with Lviv leaders in the crypto center, where we discussed plans for the development of the trading platform DealShaker

But the evening was great at the Lviv OneCoin merchant – Sonyashnik tavern.

If you want to eat very tasty in Lviv at ONE coin, then I highly recommend this place!

Lviv OneCoin Merchant Crypto Center

Your taste buds will thank you for pampering them with such delicious food, and your soul will sing through the cozy atmosphere

Kuchma accepts payment 50/50. Coupons are valid on the kitchen and drinks except for alcohol.

And if you want to know what ONE is and why people go crazy when paying, as well as what 50/50 means and in general what kind of a move does this happen and how else to make money on it, then the doors of Lviv Cryptocentre are always open!

Link to crypto center –

Link to the Sunshine Tavern Coupons(Lviv OneCoin Merchant) 


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