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Is It Legal To Accept OneCoin Payment On DealShaker Latest News 2020



Hello friends! Today we will discuss that is it legal to accept OneCoin Payment On DealShaker platform for trading products and services. We will all the latest news and official confirmation from the company.

So, for this, we will start from the beginning. And first of all, I want to share some information about the DealShaker platform.

Dear friends we all know that OneCoin was launched as a central cryptocurrency. OneCoin blockchain provides a KYC verification facility to its member. It is compulsory to track the payment and all other activities happening in One Ecosystem.

Everything was going well until April 2017. Suddenly BaFin [a german financial regulation authority] prohibited trading with OneCoin.

But since then we are accepting payments in OneCoin cryptocurrency on DealShaker. As BaFin didn’t clear all allegation, Is it legal to accept OneCoin payment on DealShaker.

This is a big question everybody asking about it. Why people are selling their products while they will not get the conversion for their ONE. And what is the solution to this problem?

Let’s See the Official Notification from DealShaker regarding OneCoin payment.

Accept OneCoin Payment On DealShaker

Accept OneCoin Payment On DealShaker

As per the official notification, the appeal is pending. BaFin will allow OneCoin trading or not it is not clear to date.

BaFin only prohibited trading with OneCoin but they didn’t ban it for accepting as a payment means.

So, OneCoin merchants are using OneCoin payment on DealShaker and it is completely safe to use.

There are two possibilities:

  1. BaFin Allow OneCoin Trading
  2. BaFin Will Ban OneCoin

If BaFin Will Allow OneCoin Trading

If BaFin will allow OneCoin trading then everything is in favour of OneLife members. People can convert their OneCoin into fiat and fiat into OneCoin.

People will be able to trade ONE with another cryptocurrency also like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and all altcoins.

And we are 100% sure that BaFin will give positive feedback on this appeal. Also, we got many positive signals from the German Authority in this regard.

BaFin Will Keep OneCoin Ban

In this situation, OneCoin can’t be traded with fiat currency. Only people can use it on platform.

Actually OneCoin is a merchant coin and also usability is possible through DealShaker. If we will use OneCoin on DealShaker platform it will create a demand.

Also, with time this demand will increase and we will get a stable coin price in the crypto market.

Acceptations From BaFin

OneCoin is completely legit and real cryptocurrency. Also, it overcomes all demerits of existing Bitcoin and other Altcoins.

So, BaFin will take it to ban back and also, we are noticing many positive signals in this reference.

Exchange Launch Information

As we are seeing since 2015 many cryptocurrencies come to the crypto market and they destroy their market value completely. It is because of no usability.

OneCoin is developing its usability on DealShaker platform. People are selling products and services also, they accept OneCoin payment od DealShaker.

Usability will convert OneCoin into a merchant coin or eCommerce coin. Till date, OneCoin is a commerce coin and we can buy products and services with OneCoin payments.

So, from the stability point of views, it is not good to launch exchange so soon. Otherwise, people will lose their hard-earned money.

Only Merchants will get conversions of ONE with fiat as they are selling products and services.

Accept OneCoin Payment On DealShaker Conclusion

The success formula of all ONE ecosystem is to use DealShaker platform as much as possible. If we will accept OneCoin payment on DealShaker it will create demand.

Demand will tend to increase difficulty. As recently we notice this from the OneLife Backend. When OneCoin difficulty turns from 300TKN to 425TKN.

All this is because of OneCoin usability. And this will continue for the upcoming time. And this will be our victory.

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