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🤑#Latest Mission🤑“For Exchange”👨‍✈️2019👨‍✈️



👨‍🎓 Introduction @#Latest Mission#

Hello, friends today in this post I will share some information related to the latest mission of OneCoin OneLife company before the exchange launch. We altogether are waiting for our upcoming bright future.

#Latest Mission 😱 “New merchant Shout out” 😱

In response to the good feedback we have been having from users and merchants on the DealShaker platform, we would like to start a new initiative – “New merchant Shout out”. 

🕺 The practice has shown – 🕺 Results are driven by motivation! 🕺

👨🏻‍🌾 #Latest Mission @Dealshaker!!

As we all know the main objective of Dealshaker platform is to increase the value of ONE. Value of ONE will be increased if it will be used as payment method through out the world.

We all together have to come forward and tell the world that we have this unique and advantageus opportunity. Show the pros!!!!

👩‍🔧 Mission Usability 👩‍🔧

According to this trending oportunity we have to focus on Mission usability. Suppose you want to do some kind of busines with the money received from OneLife.

Then you shoud do it directly with OneCoin cryptocurrency and accept payment in ONE. This will be true usability.

🤷‍♂️ Incrousing Others to Join 🤷‍♂️

Friends we have discussed so many things regarding value and usability but the key poit is we have to encrouge others to join Dealshaker platform.

We first understand the entire potential like this platform is a grat e-commerce hub for all merchants. Merchants can sell each and every product and service on this platform.

Also all customers and purchase all stufs from here. Along with this all crypto lover could spent their asset here. When all things will be done the mission will be fulfill.

🤢How can we motivate 🙋‍♂️ people 👨‍👩‍👧 to achieve more? 

As you know DealShaker is the project everybody is currently interested in. As an alternative for increasing the value of ONE, exercising its usability and encouraging others to join, the platform is a great commercial hub for merchants, users, and crypto enthusiasts. Here comes our latest mission – to encourage the newest merchants that are highly motivated and eager to make an amazing performance and achieve more and also to help them become popular on the DealShaker platform.

🤢How can 😨you contribute to the New merchant🤷‍♂️Shout out?

We are going to expect suggestions for new merchants to be popularized or to be given a shout out in the upcoming newsletters or our Facebook page. The merchant can be associated with tourism, hospitality, food and drink, beauty, health or any area you think significant. The merchants have to be in a populous area or tourist destination all over the world. 



  1. Maria Tudorcioiu

    November 3, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    Lipsă de comunicare, minciună, instabilitatea, iresponsabilitate, lipsă de respect,abuz , amenințarea, Minți că vinzi,și învestesc în monedă,este cauza dezarmării și a unui altfel de furt!! Deschide excengiul la comercianitii, comercianți serioși, de volume, de valoare altfel confirmi că este un fiasco,i măgărie la scara mondiala,!! Nu ești pretențios vânzând ceapă și nasturi!!!Statut la rând, China a născut moneda, Facebook stă sau nască,onecoin stă se taie in ombilicul, rușine ,nu va este rușine de milioanele de oamenii care se uită în zare din Aprilie 2917,… Octombrie 2018, Noiembrie, Decembrie 2018,Ianuarie 2019, Martie,Iunie.. Septembrie. a trecut anul2019 in minciună Existat Dumnezeu !;;

  2. admin

    November 15, 2019 at 4:50 pm

    da, cu toții avem dreptul să știm despre viitorul nostru. Întrebările dvs. sunt foarte serioase. Urmați doar obiectivul și misiunea companiei. Toate îndoielile vor fi eliminate.

    yes, we all have the right to know about our future. Your questions are very serious. Just follow the objective and mission of company. All doubts will be cleared.

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