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Konstantin Never Pleaded For OneCoin Was Scam [No!]



Konstantin Never Pleaded
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Two Things To Remember

Konstantin never Pleaded OneCoin Was Scam. America Never Fight For Non Existing Things/Projects.

Good Morning my Sister and everyone that may have this message. One thing you should know is that.

First: America can never fight for non-existing Thing/Project.
Secondly: Konstantin never pleaded that onecoin was a scam.


Konstantin Never Pleaded

The case of money laundering that they charge him and Markscort has been charged too. Many rich people and big companies in the world, so this is not new.

Thirdly Germany, Italy, Sweeden all these are strong countries. That made their investigations about onecoin and they completed it, published all their findings to the public.

So, what will America find in OneCoin that these countries never found? Yes like any other Business OneLife Network company has git challenges BUT THEY WILL BE OVERCOME.

Another thing, the Dealshaker is the only gateway to Onecoin holders that will keep this business moving. Because that’s the reason OneCoin was created. “Merchant coin” because usability is liquidity.

Why Leader Quit OneCoin OneLife?

So, any leader calling him/herself big in the network and does not support the deal shaker project. Then he doesn’t know the philosophy of Centralized cryptocurrencies.

One thing that OneCoin is lacking is Digital Taxation…where different governments would pick their Tax.of which I know it will be fixed by our IT team. Otherwise, all the other requirements to be money.

OneCoin Has…Those leaving are free to go. Because they never took the time to understand the product they are selling. But they concentrated on the commission from the network. this is a revolution that is shaking the money industry.

its a Tsunami to governments and no one knows what to do. Because it’s making them lose grip on money control. There is confusion and governments are running for their lives.

Why Libra Fail?

ask yourself why Libra project is failed by America, and why Mark never started it in America but Switzerland??? Wait for OneLife Network Leaders that left claiming no exchange.

with the new companies, they started…let’s keep a good watch and see if they will succeed in 4months👁👁👁. God bless you and keep onelife for ever.. feel free to share.

Note: This is my independent analysis not for the company.

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