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How To Hold Cryptocurrency Without Buying



How To Hold Cryptocurrency Without Buying
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Hi, you can hold cryptocurrency without buying. I am explaining all the basic information related to this topic in detail. Let’s see…

Dear crypto lover cryptocurrency has the potential to make you millionaire or billionaire overnight. Only if you dare to take risk of cryptocurrency investment.

But it’s not the end of your dream if you don’t have money to buy or something else reason. You can hold cryptocurrency without buying it.

No, you may be thinking that how it could be possible. Then don’t worry I am explaining all methods related to how to hold cryptocurrency without buying.

1. Cryptocurrency Mining

Dear friend one of the best-proven methods of holding or earning cryptocurrency is crypto mining.

If you are serious about cryptocurrency then put your machine on working for you. Almost all decentralized or centralized cryptocurrencies can be mined through the machine.

You can use any bitcoin applications for mining coins. If you have a mobile, laptop, CPU, etc then you can mine cryptocurrency from them.

You just need to make an account on these web applications and set up your e-Wallet and start mining.

2. Earn Crypto By Performing Task

There are so many websites that allow users a facility to earn cryptocurrency on performing some basic tasks like watching videos, solving puzzles, etc.

Even some big international exchange offers this facility. These exchanges are:

3. Earn Cryptocurrency By Rewards

Cryptocurrency can be earned by rewards or gift vouchers. There are so many online eCommerce websites that offer moneyback in cryptocurrency.

Along with this, some exchange provides initial free coin offerings for ICO purposes. If the candidate will join their IPO then he will get some free crypto coins for his referral signup.

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