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#️⃣ Hints For Exchange 🤑 XCoinX Get Ready 🙋‍♂️ ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)



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Hi friends welcome, today I am going to share some important hints for Exchange! So be prepared and be a part of this great ecosystem.

✔️ !!‼Hinweis to the exchange‼!!

✔️ 📍 XcoinX 📍

– here the one coin can be exchanged in euro.

✔️ 📍 One Forex 📍 ️⃣ Hints For Exchange

– on the one forex, the one coin is negotiable both against various fiat currencies,
As well as about 27 of the most common cryptocurrencies
– means these cryptocurrencies first buy the one coin when exchanging in fiat and thus increase the demand
– big price differences are not expected
(in 1-digit range)
– Dealers Now have a 100 % exchange opportunity here
– for private accounts, it will be an RTL IN THE FIRST 9 months after the opening of the exchange. Give limit
– the test phase of 9 months has been coordinated with the governments so that they can work in the matter with their working groups
And to make any adjustments.

✔️ 📍 KYC 📍 ️⃣ Hints For Exchange

‼️ without approved KYC no payout‼
‼️ new instructions in the newsletter and also in the dashboard are coming soon.
Must Note‼

– the KYC procedure will be simplified, as far as the speed of the permit is concerned, if the uploaded documents meet the requirements.

‼️Daher already now the hint for everyone:

👉 get current passport / Personal Cards

👉 the bank connection for possibly. Insert payments at OneLife.
👉 important that the address in the bank account’s statement of the bank account for possibly. Payments are exactly in line with the data of your platform/address document.

✔️ ‼️‼ IMPORTANT ‼‼ ️⃣ Hints For Exchange

In the 34. And 35. KW, the tests by The CB will take place in the one coin offices.
This is the top priority before any other work so that the opening of the exchange can take place.

Therefore, there will hardly be any feedback on your requests.

In particular, please turn back the support requests for KYC.
It’s going to be a gem. Some changes are made to the requirements of governments:
You will soon get more info directly through the company NL / dashboard.

Hello, Onelife/Dealshaker members?

Allow me to clarify some important issues

Hints For Exchange
Hints For Exchange

1) Technical Team Hints For Exchange

The team is ready, well organized and established to handle all queries about
-KYC verification
-Approving deals
-Registering merchants

As we all know OneLife networking system stopped here in Uganda, here in Dealshaker no networking and it’s our responsibility as members to add a leaf as a way of creating usability to our ONES,

So Monday (9th/9/2019)
the team will be ready to work/helping our people in areas have mentioned about, at HEAD OFFICE MM plaza 4th floor (top-level)

2) Training Team Hints For Exchange

As we all know this is a new concept globally “4th industrial revolution”.
WE NEED INTENSIVE pieces of training. It’s the reason all one life members must be fully equipped with knowledge in the area of cryptocurrencies, because we don’t want our people to sell off they’re coins as soon as exchange comes and become rich, then after short period of time again become poor/beggars, secondly you’re an IMA of the company, meaning you must know what to tell merchants out there (business community), and as members you have been following weekly updates from the company. Things are real and ready to bring to the public but ask your self “how ready are U”💪🏽

3) General Meeting Hints For Exchange

11-9-2019 at 2 pm
We will have a general meeting of all members of OneCoin/Dealshaker
at Dealshaker Uganda Headquarter 4th floor (top-level) MM plaza all members you are invited to discuss issues concerning DEALSHAKER UGANDA CHAPTER.
Also to know/learn new updates from the company which will be spearheaded by our franchise holder Mr. MWAMBUSYA JOHN we must embrace this chance as Ugandans and perform to our expectations put to us by headquarter (Sofia Bulgaria).


Nowadays, a lot of news is coming on social media, about which we often get information about the exchange. It is a matter of time that a video of the exchange has also been shared in a WhatsApp group.

Looking at all this information, we can say that the exchange is coming very soon and XcoinX will be launched before the end of 2019. Latest hints for exchange, “We should not forget that the company has already cleared in its newsletter that we will come to the exchange in 2019′.

Then we should always keep in mind that the exchange is going to be launched very soon because the Sun The new month of 2019 is about to end and now only 3 months are left.

If you want to get the most accurate information about them, then you should follow the company’s official news channel and the weekly report, from there you get the right information.

If you want to understand the information given by the company in easy language in detail, then you can call our website, here you get all the information very accurately.

I hope that you get this information completely related to OneCoin exchange launch and One Ecosystem. Apart from this, if you have any other question, you can ask us without any problem, we will try our best to solve all your problems.