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GLG Inner Circle Meeting The Exchange, “Will Surely Open”




Today I am going to share GLG Inner Circle meeting in which complete guidelines and info are included. So read carefully and don.t miss any important information.

Representative Seo Dong-jin, a market leader of GLG IC, received the official request from the head office for ICM qualification and attended the ICM meeting on 10/14).

23 people, including the Chairman of the Compliance and MDs, had 11 hours of discussion. And the procedure to draw some conclusions. But signed the NDA * and announced only on the company’s official channels, such as newsletters, webinars, and special statements. Even the GLG community room doesn’t publish its content.


[NOTE] NDA: Non-disclosure agreement is a contract concluded to limit the presentation. And use while sharing business secrets.

The same was true during the last 5/24 Duncan Preparedness Conference. But in case of serious matters, their jackets, bags, and smartphones should be stored in the warehouse in advance. And the company will make a thorough personal quotation/copy/ un authorization of the processor contents. Forbid.

Penalties GLG Inner Circle Meeting

In addition, penalties will be strictly enforced. Against the pre-distributor of the contents of the meeting prior to the official announcement.

This is because there are more specific follow-up arrangements for issues. Some institutional maintenance, and changes that require more important security and proper timing of announcements than members’ right to know.

In addition, there are various issues, such as blocking the overall safety and antidote response. And minimizing the confusion to be announced after the completion of follow-up preparation.

For this reason, we are waiting for the official announcement of our company or the official announcement by public license.

In this regard, we ask for your mature attitude, understanding, and cooperation.

Exchange GLG Inner Circle Meeting

Within a few days, there will be a sequential announcement through our official channels of ICM meeting results and follow-up.
In addition, with the permission of the company, a formal and systematic explanation will be arranged. Through the GLG IC of each country.

To date, only one of the resolutions of the Sofia ICM meeting that have been disclosed. To the outside world is Free Konstantin, the signature movement on Constantine.
One thing is also clear that the company is doing much more than we think. And we are doing our best to go straight.

The ”Exchange ” will surely open, and the collaboration distribution will be announced soon.

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