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Germany Crypto Industry Approving OneCoin



Bitcoin group in Germany Crypto Industry Approving OneCoin legally for trade and remittance. This is amazing news and confirmed by the Bitcoin news website.

As per the official sources German Crypto industry accepting all license cryptocurrency for trading and as remittance service.

See the proof below:

Germany Crypto Industry Approving OneCoin
Image Credit: Bitcoin.Com

According to this information, All those cryptocurrencies will be accepted. Which do not cause any harm to the banks.

Or in other words, all those cryptocurrencies that want to do their business with a full license can do it.

Why Germany Crypto Industry Approving OneCoin

One coin cryptocurrency is the first digital currency that follows the rules of all countries and enters the market with a license.

This company applied for a cryptocurrency license long ago in Germany. On the basis of which we can say that ONE is the first licensed cryptocurrency in the world. Which will now be openly accepted as currency.

Along with the license, Ban has its own e-commerce website where it can also be used without exchange. In other words, this currency has a market value even without an exchange in the market.

And it is a big thing in itself that people are selling and buying their product service plot house shop by this.

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