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Ethereum Price 92 Percent Surged In 1 Month



Ethereum Price 92 Percent surged
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Ethereum Price 92 Percent Surged: Hi, today we will discuss the hidden secrets of Ethereum price increment in this article. Because the Ethereum price has surged 92% Percent in 2020.

Ethereum Price History

Ethereum Price
Ethereum Price Chart

In the above graph, we can clearly see that the Ethereum price has surged from 18$ to 250 in a month’s time period.

Greenline represent the exact ups and down in ETH price.

What is Increment Percentage?

In the last 1 month or we can say that in 2020 to date ETH breaks its own price record. The Ethereum coin price has increased from the US $ 18 to the US $ 250 within 1 month.

After calculating based on the above ETH graph figures, we can clearly say that the price of Ethereum has increased by 92% percentage in the last 1 month.

And as per the latest price prediction of experts price can go up to the US $300 till 28th Feb.

This is very good news for cryptocurrency investors. Now if you also have Ethereum stored, then it will be of great benefit to you.

How Ethereum Price {ETH} Surged 92%

Ethereum price 92 percent surged

Since the beginning of 2020, we are noticing a significant boom in the cryptocurrency industry.

Cryptocurrency price is repeating history again as in 2017-2018 time. Bitcoin also breaking 2017 records. And we are seeing a boom in all top coins.

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and also it is called the entrance gate of all altcoins. Each coin price is directly or indirectly influenced by Bitcoin.

So, same this is happening with ETH coin and it also repeating the history. Along with this Ethereum is considered faster and secure compared to bitcoin.

Is 2020 Bring Good Luck For Crypto Investors?

As initial signals are showing their effects and we are noticing it from the beginning of 2020. New year comes with lo of joy and happiness.

In the current 2020 new year brings good news for all cryptocurrency investors and other similar institutions. Ethereum price 92 percent surged and bitcoin also reached its double value.

We are hearing positive news from many parts of the world like India is creating its own cryptocurrency. Central working with digital currency initial practice with BIS.

Why are People Investing in Digital Currency?

As people are being aware of cryptocurrency and other altcoins, they are moving forward for digital currency. The digital currency has multiple benefits over fiat currency.

I have published a separate article for digital currency benefits here. It is really great that Ethereum price 92 percent surged in 2020 within 30 days time period.