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Dr. Ruja’s Vision & OneCoin Cryptocurrency Concept



Dr. Ruja's Vision Concept of OneCoin Cryptocurrency
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To understand OneCoin and Dr. Ruja’s vision it is important to read this article carefully.

The first question you should ask yourself whether a business is legit or scam and when was it established. Also, remember no scam can stay for years. But when you start educating yourself directly with people involved in and get to know them in person, you feel the energy, understand the vision.

No Scam Exist For Years

The age of the scam is very short. It may be 3 months or 6 months max on an international scale. People often tend to mistaken good projects that failed because of bad decisions with the scam.

So since today is five years of OneCoin’s existence, seems like it is not a scam after all. It is risky for sure. But tell me one business that has no risk.

OneCoin is a Saturn shot project of making a stable and centrally regulated cryptocurrency.

That will be used by mass and especially on unbanked markets like some Asia, Africa, South America. Onecoin has already implemented all of that.

There are also many centralized cryptocurrencies listed on Coin Marketcap and the most known is Ripple, in the third place, no one talks about them. If OneCoin was a stupid project with no value, no one would care to slander it for more than two years.

Problems With Decentralized Cryptocurrency

The main problem with a decentralized cryptocurrency open market is that it is subjected to big speculators.

That has skills and means to inflate coin prices to make a big profit. Thus making coin values volatile.

But you have to understand that buy coin cheap and sell expensive is not Dr. Ruja’s vision.

OneCoin Cryptocurrency Concept

OneCoin does not want to be just one more speculative cryptocurrency. They want to be a central entity that will regulate the value of its coin by having its own exchange and impose limits and trade order expirations.

You can call it economically illogical all you want but they want to make stable coins that people will be able to use to buy services and goods. OneCoin already has more than 111k merchants, and people already can spend coins on DealShaker.

It started in Feb 2017 and of course, haters will say the website is bad because they saw bad deals. As if Amazon and eBay worked perfectly in their beginnings. Alibaba owner Jack Ma bought all deals from his website for the first 30 days.

Dr. Ruja’s Vision & Mission

To make it more clear to people who do not understand what is going on so far: the mass market is waiting for a new cryptocurrency that can be mass adopted, used by masses mostly consisted of unbanked people.

So far, since 2013, we’ve had too many crypto startups, ICOs, fundraisers, some of them promoted through direct marketing, some of them through MLM but so far we’ve seen all of them fail.

They have no critical userbase, they did not have the plan to make price stable. Also, they did not have a plan to make usability count in price creation.

They all list tokens on exchanges after ICO too early and kill the stability. Or in most cases even the whole price by listing and trading coins too early.

Not to mention lack of regulation and not entirely complying with KYC and AML which are mandatory for mass-market adoption.

Despite so many proofs that common crypto project practice/model is a recipe for failure.

Many people are brainlessly criticizing OneCoin for trying to do something different and possibly actually succeed. How crazy is that?!

So with above in mind, will mass-market adopt some coin that has no userbase, no usability, no product. Or will it accept coin that already has usability in the private mode, 3.5 million active approved users?

So OneCoin is now ready to start going public phase. This was supposed to start on January 17th, 2018 but “coincidental” investigator breach and server theft put that to the stop.

Dr. Ruja’s Vision & Haters Propaganda

Many hoped that OneCoin will die off and shut down operations, just like projects – for example, Bitconnect, that actually promised 120% profit from the lending interest. They shut down after a few of prohibitions and some hater problems.

OneCoin survived five years of slander, criminal threats, authority investigations. Remember the German investigation that was eventually able to see the blockchain.

But was not able to see any unfair practice in the business model and any money laundering schemes.

For five years, haters buzzed all the warnings from financial regulators failing to mention that also Bitcoin and other cryptos had the same warnings.

Also, They buzzed all the investigations from the authorities. And after authorities could not find any proof of illegal activity, haters now say “you can not trust authorities”.

Haters will see you walk on the water, and they will say it’s because you don’t know how to swim. So, don’t be envious of others’ testimony.

Dr. Ruja’s Vision Conclusion

OneCoin is a digital currency. With its finite number of 120 billion coins. OneCoin is one of the strongest and largest virtual assets in the world. If you understand the vision of Dr. Ruja you to see that it is going in the right direction.

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