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Dr. Ruja OneCoin Vision [Exchange Launch News]



Dr. Ruja OneCoin Vision OneCoin Not Public Yet
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Friends today I am going to share Dr. Ruja OneCoin Vision regarding the most trending and most popular cryptocurrency ONE. Since we know that the company officially announce in early January 2019 that they are coming to exchange in the current year 2019. OneCoin exchange is just One Step away for launching on exchange.

Since then all are waiting for the exchange launch. There are so many stories to tell but I don’t want to discuss them here. I am just explaining the inner story of innocent IMAs.

There are so many members without upline and direct information from the company. And there is no official update regarding exchange since weekly exchange summery is over.

I am putting some points from the FaceBook social media and want to share his/her soul voice with the world.

OneCoin Exchange Launch News

OneCoin exchange launch news Dr. Ruja OneCoin Vision
OneCoin exchange launch news Dr. Ruja OneCoin Vision

Exchange launching news opened by Corporate on 9th Jan 2019 through a press release.
“Only a step closer to exchange” is mentioned in that press release.
We don’t know how long it is?

Then we were receiving weekly updates of #Exchange till September.
Mid-September’s dream could not have come true. Now the updating door is also closed. There is uncertainty. No one knows what to do and what to say.
We are locked in a closed street.

The greedy leadership of the network joined other MLMs. While the majority of Onelifers are disappointed and waiting for exchange quietly.
In each country, counting people is Voluntarily mobilized. These few Volunteers are facing unlimited questions.

The corporate can clear all frustration and confusion with a single clear announcement of #Exchange.
FROM, A_Leaderless_OneLifer.

Friends after looking a lot and discussing with my superior contacts I only find one solution for all these members looking for an exchange.

We just have to follow the Dr. Ruja OneCoin vision and every question will be solved automatically.

Dr. Ruja Vision Regarding OneCoin Exchange Launch

Dear OneCoiners,

Today we will discuss Dr. Ruja OneCoin vision in detail. That will clear all doubts regarding OneCoin Exchange.

1)- Enhance the financial revolution that occurs in past decads.

2)- Improve every transaction and financial system in the entire world correctly following the rules imposed by the financial world.

3)- Dr. Ruja OneCoin Vision was to develop a business network of various products on all lines with ease through the most sophisticated networks.

4)- Make it easy to transact in the financial world and trade goods and services without limits, and are recorded in the computing system.

5)- The time for money transfers is very short and cheap.

6)- Security of highly accountable transactions.

7)- The Blockchain is owned by OneCoin so the data is very valid.

8)- Stock OneCoin meets the requirements of the world as much as 120 billion with 8 digits behind it!

9)- Famous auditors from Europe.

10)- Official and legal companies.

11)- Wide network in various countries in the world.

12)- Continuing to save nature from environmental destruction.

13)- Stop the sale of prohibited items.

14)- Stop crimes that violate human rights on earth.

15)- Learn to achieve a bright future.

Final Points

*This is the Vision and Mission of Dr. Ruja OneCoin vision, who fought for and prepared for the sustainability and future of mankind on earth with the world Financial Revolution!

*Let us unite together to improve the next generation to achieve prosperity and improve the future together!

So, OneCoiners, I hope everything will be very clear for you through these points.

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Based on the above information, we can say that the completion of the vision will be an important contributor to the launch of XcoinX.

Until the vision of the company is completed, we cannot expect any kind of exchange, no matter how long it takes, we will have to wait.