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Deal Shaker One Life News Update After Sofia Meeting 18/01/2020



DealShaker OneLife News Update After Sofia Meeting
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Today We will see the DealShaker OneLife News Update after Sofia Meeting on 18/01/2020. This is confirmed by Korea Leader [Jo Eun Jung GNLG].

Let’s See his message to all members.

Korea [Jo Eun Jung GNLG]

Hello? This is Cho Eun-Jung.
I’m going to share the news about Sofia
You’re in contact a lot.

Our head office in Korea quickly
Thank you for being a brand leader.

1st Global Network Leader Group

(GNLG) and DealShaker Manager and Core Team Leadership Conference were held in Sofia, Bulgaria on January 18/19, 2020, hosted by one-life network captain Simon Le and King James.

Seventy key leaders from 24 countries participated.

Day One Global Network Leaders Conference (GNLG) and Dealshaker National Manager Conference
Important content.

DealShaker OneLife News Update From Sofia

December 18, 2019 Priority work started
-January 18, 2020
New organizational structure
New GNLG Process II
-One Life Core Team
-2020 Event Schedule
Global One Coin Ecosystem
-Dealshaker Executive Committee
-Official email

Core team department responsible for the ecosystem work

➡️ Corporate (Sofia headquarters)
➡️ Captain and Co-Captain
(Representative Simon Leh, Co-Representative King James)
➡️ Advisory Boards
➡️ One Life Team (King James)
Deal Shaker Team (Fred Fox)
One Forex Team (Simon Les)
Legal / Marketing / Reporting and
Communication Team
🔻 (Muhammad Adeel)
(Global Network and Company Communication)
➡️OneLife Members / OneLife Projects

Group names are no longer used for one-life groups.
Instead, teams can be named by country.
(E.g. OneLife Korea, OneLife China OneLife Vietnam, etc.

Leadership Meeting in Korea on February 5th
Proceed. This leadership meeting includes one of our captains Simon Les, King James or Fred Fox.

150 participants.
Anti User or Korean Woncoin Anti
To propose the participation of organizations,

Participants will be selected by GNLG in Korea.
Will be.

As a band award right now
We will select the band leaders who are activating, and we will be invited to select the leaders who are currently helping Onecoin, and the newly launched Korean Onecoin Deal Shaker Merchants.

Date: Wednesday, February 5, 2020
Time: 2:00 pm-6:00 pm
Place: Seoul (Future Notice)

Korea Deal Shaker Expo has been confirmed.

Date: April 24/25, 2020
Place: Seoul Swiss Grand Hotel
The expo schedule arrives in Korea
We will notify you in detail.

OneLife DealShaker Franchise in National

Dealshaker franchise is now a national
It is called an administrator.
This is a legal requirement and violation that merchants must comply within other countries.
Because it helps to remove the problem.

DS Country Leaders will be responsible for areas of responsibility, action plans and regional development by January 12th.
In the three-year forecast area, we provided reports on the number of sellers, deals, and DS transactions registered.

Prospective candidates can provide the same information for the open country, and the DealShaker Executive Committee sends this report to the Captain. The report will discuss and update information with the company to determine the future results of the franchise.

A new slide is created to help the OneLife network market OneLife and start a home-based online business.

This data highlights that we are a global company, and the map shows the total number of countries.

Integrate OneLife’s mission.

oneLife enables global online user communities to actively participate in the development and use of new cutting-edge and digital products and services.

The goal is to improve the quality of life of its members and to provide people around the world with alternative and equitable access to practical and relevant economic education.

Ignoring the natural evolution of education, creating opportunities for economic growth and creating new markets. At least in the performance
You are encouraged to study with us for a year. This material will soon be available to members through the back office and they will all share the same presentation around the world.

On the second day, I met with Simon Le at 10 am and talked about the Korea Local Leadership Meeting.
I asked for various advice.

Refurbished immediately after the meeting
Head to Sofia Crypto Center.

For more information, when you arrive in Korea
We will notify you.

Thank you.

Sofia Cryptocurrency Center (Crypto Center)

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