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Why Cryptocurrency Trading Surged In Malaysia After Lockdown



Cryptocurrency Trading Surged In Malaysia: The entire lock-down that has been going on for the past one and a half months has also seen some good results.

While on one hand the economy of the country is going downhill, on the other hand some good things are also being seen.

A similar good news is coming from the Malaysia cryptocurrency market. Malaysia is an Islamic nation where Coronavirus is wreaking havoc these days.

Seeing this growing danger, all the people are locked in their homes and trying to work from home.

There is a sudden surge in Malaysia’s cryptocurrency market, there are some reasons behind this, which we are going to analyze here today.

Cryptocurrency Trading Surged In Malaysia

  • Malaysia has made some changes to the cryptocurrency regulation policy.
  • Any new cryptocurrency project can operate for 6 months without a license.
  • There is no selling limit in crypto currency trading.
  • In crypto currency trading we do not work under the control of any country or government.

As you all know, the stock market of all countries is broken at this time.

If people invest their money in the stock market, then they are suffering due to this coronavirus.

Because here we have to sell our stocks based on the rules laid down by the government.

But cryptocurrency is not a centralized system, here we can dispose the selling price as per our wish.

And there is also no risk of loss in it. This is the reason why the cryptocurrency market in Malaysia has been witnessing very good trading for the last few days.

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