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Cryptocurrency In Space Elon Musk Falcon 9 Rocket [ISS]



Cryptocurrency In Space

We always talk about decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency, crypto without any boundaries, but what about cryptocurrency in space. Have you ever think what will happen with cryptocurrency in space?

Will cryptocurrency work on Mars? It is a big question arising in our minds. Let’s see the reach of cryptocurrency up to space. And how it is possible and what will be the benefits of crypto in space.

Who Send Cryptocurrency In Space and where is it?

SpaceChain a biggest space network company [based on blockchain] sends its blockchain wallet to the International Space Station(ISS). ISS is a joint space station for scientists from different countries.

Different types of experiments are performed in this space station. Also, it is the first and biggest space station in the world. Elon Musk’s company SpaceX send its rockets to the space station for fulfilling the requirement like food, Oxygen, instruments, etc.

Recently, SpaceChain sends its blockchain wallet to the ISS through the Falcon 9 rocket. And with this start, cryptocurrency has also reached the space.

What Coins Are Sent To ISS or Space?

The SpaceChain company has sent a hardware e-wallet to the ISS that supports the Qtum blockchain. Very soon, Ethereum coin will also be added by the company, its technology is in the works.

From this beginning, it becomes very clear that now you can send payments through cryptocurrency even in space. Because now crypto is possible even in space.

Benefits Of Space Wallet [Cryptocurrency in Space]

By installing the blockchain wallet in space. Also, we have delivered blockchain technology to space. Likewise, many official formalities need to be completed to complete this work.

And at the same time, there is a need to strengthen the security of the blockchain wallet in the space. Our main objective is to bring blockchain technology into our daily lives and we have reached space along with Earth.

Now, information can be sent and received between Earth and space using blockchain technology. Likewise, Which is very good from the security point of view.

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So, this was the latest news from the space station. If you want to read the complete information check the above link. Also, I include facts for Cryptocurrency In Space.

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