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CoinSafe is No More Exchange Will Come Soon



Dear friends Good News! OneCoin CoinSafe is no more for all OneLife Members. The company is going to remove this feature from the OneLife backend.

If you have some coins stored in coin safe then follow the official guideline to collect your coins in your main balance.

After clicking on the closed button your OneCoins will be added to the main wallet balance.

So, this was the latest update for all OneCoin members but you may be thinking that why OneCoin is no more?

Why CoinSafe is No More?

Friends initially when OneCoin was launched, CoinSafe was used to holding coins for a fix time period. It may be 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years as per the IMA choice.

And that time it was said that when OneCoin will reach on an exchange launch date. That time CoinSafe feature will be removed.

Likewise, OneCoin exchange time in very near. And we are seeing this official notification related to the removal of OneCoin CoinSafe.

Exchange & Coin Safe Connection

After the exchange launch, people will be able to trade ONE online with other cryptocurrency and fiat currency as well.

So, all traders can take daily trading benefits along with price increase benefits.

But how do these people wait until the exchange is launched? So CoinSafe was launched keeping all these things in mind.

So that people can get a chance of their financial benefit in the coming time. And people have also done this because holding your One Coin for 1 year gives about 10% extra coins.

But now the exchange is going to be launched, so all people can make their buns in their wallets.

Where they will get the same type of interest. So, OneCoin is no more needed for the people.

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