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Important Checklist For OneCoin Exchange In 2020



Checklist For OneCoin Exchange
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Hi and good morning to everyone. Today we are going to discuss an important checklist for OneCoin exchange in this post.

We know that the company is preparing for launching an exchange very soon. They are working hard for completing their milestones like 1 million merchants and 10 million members.

1 Million merchants milestone is very near to complete and soon exchange is going to launch. But the question is can we exchange our One into fiat immediately after the exchange launch. Or we have to follow some strict rules for exchanging our ONEs.

So, my dear friend’s exchange is not going to launch for everyone. There will be some policies for converting ONE into fiat.

I am explaining a basic checklist for OneCoin Exchange. And I am sure if you will do this you can exchange your ONE into fiat.

Checklist for OneCoin Exchange

  1. Complete Your KYC
  2. Complete Your Merchant Profile On DealShaker
  3. Make Approved Your First Deal
  4. Sell Products or Service With [ ONE + Fiat ] Payment
  5. Buy Products From DealShaker
  6. Introduce New IMA to OneLife

1. Complete Your KYC

KYC is the main part of the OneCoin or OneLife network. Without KYC approved means that you are traveling on a train without a ticket.

If your KYC is not approved, then after some time your account will be frozen and you will never be able to access your account.

Along with this, without KYC, no candidate can get their merchant profile approved.

If your KYC has not been approved, please submit your document and get your profile verified as soon as possible.

2. Complete Your Merchant Profile On DealShaker

Onecoin is a merchant coin. And it is designed to be used only on Deal Shekhar. Until we buy the product from our currency, its usefulness will not increase.

If you want to take the benefit of One Coin Exchange in the coming time, then you have to first create your merchant profile.

And by submitting your KYC document, it will have to be verified. It is the main second largest part of the checklist for OneCoin Exchange.

3. Make Approved Your First Deal

After creating a merchant profile, all of us members have to put a deal on Dealshaker. Through this deal, we have to sell our product and service.

If you are a registered merchant, then you can bring your business on Dealshaker. If you do a job somewhere, you can also make your service accessible to people through Dealshaker.

And by doing this, we will also increase the value of our currency because it will increase its demand in the market.

4. Sell Products or Service With [ ONE + Fiat ] Payment

After applying the deal, after getting it approved, our next task will be to sell our product or service.

Because if you do not have a product sale, you will not get any benefit to get it to put. You can market your merchant profile to sell the product.

You can also do this work with the help of the DealShaker Expo happening in your country or region. It is the main part of the checklist for the OneCoin Exchange.

5. Buy Products From DealShaker

Each company has its own ecosystem such as Google’s or Amazon’s or other big companies. Just like that, OneLife has its own complete ecosystem.

And to complete that ecosystem you have to buy products from others. If you will not buy product or service then how could you expect that someone will buy a product from you?

So, always buy products from other merchants. And also, this is the main important part of the Checklist for OneCoin Exchange.

6. Introduce New IMA to OneLife

IMAs are the onelife members. The company has a target of 10 million members. If will introduce new members to the company, their 10 million members milestone will be completed very soon. And OneCoin exchange will launch in the current year.

If we will check the current position we have reached approx 3.7 million members and if every member will introduce 2 new IMA then 10 million members will complete in one month only.

So this was all checklist for OneCoin exchange in 2020.

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