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Build Something Special Because of Truth Need Changes



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Do you want changes! then build something special.

From approx. 11:45 h why the industry wants to use blockchain technology for any other branch, for data protection purposes, transparency and not to be copied, except for what it has been made for.

The reason why it started was to protect us from the disease of fiat currency. If you understand this and if you understand the reason why the cryptocurrency concept has started.

And you understand that this industry cannot be ignored, you understand that – no matter what the central bank says – you can decide what value is worth.

How can you deny our coin when we have population masses that agree that we have a value. It lies in our rights, it is in our human rights, it is in our right to exchange.

Whether we accept that it is a means of payment or not. No one can tell you that you should not accept buttons or leaves or whatever as a means of exchange (money). You have to decide.

And once you understood this concept, the rest is easy. You can’t ignore why this has started, and you can’t ignore the technology that has changed the world and will continue to change.

No regulations have been set because they don’t understand. And the regulations they made: if we stick to it, no one can stop us.

Every ima around the globe has decided to learn to help others. Choose to recognize the value of training, choose to help people diversify their portfolio.

Multiple Basket Concept

Don’t keep your eggs all in one basket. Don’t keep all of your eggs in the fiat basket.

Get involved, get involved and get some OC. But to get some, you have to mine them, you have to go through the creation process. We create our coins.
Yes, the company is facing change.

Yes, there are many things we will face when they try to destroy us and hinder us.

It’s your responsibility for your money, your responsibility for your work. If we stick together, they can’t smash us. All powers try to destroy us. Anyone who left us speaks badly.

But the same people are now trying to offer you an option, but it has no value. Here you already have value.

So let’s continue building our value. Let the truth change and change those who are willing to understand the truth.

Friends, we will not hide, we have changed, registration is just a process, there is frustration, but the company works in the background, and we continue to develop, step by step we become stronger and stronger.

Don’t wait until we’re at the top to join us. Come and wake up with us. If you’re already in the company, for 2 years, for 1 year, for 6 months… this is your chance.

Don’t worry about those who left… Saphire and rubies have done more in this time than any black diamond. I encourage you: learn and earn/learn and reap.

Build Something Success Need Changes

Understand the truth, because it makes you free. Let’s build something financial that can’t be stopped. Let’s build something that can’t be ignored. Also, Let’s build something global, international that dominates the financial industry.

Do you know what it means to go to your bank and let you offer you local currency in OC because it’s in the world’s basket? Likewise, Do you know what it means to be one of the first cryptocurrencies that are globally recognized?

Do you know why they have to do this? Because we have the masses. And only if we form masses, will we have our victory.

We don’t want what has to happen in the regular market, we want what has to happen, namely, the first official cryptocurrency spread all over the globe.

I’m excited, I’m happy and I want. Are you also ready to take this step that speaks the truth and brings change?

Success is not easylife, but it can be achieved by our efforts. It can happen. I want the change and I am willing to help people with their change. Let’s inspire, create and build.

Your humble and humble servant and friend ima.

And understands that the service on others leads to size. Let’s touch the hearts and spirit of people.

“OneLife 4 MoreLife”

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