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Blockchain Generation Short & Best Description 2020



Blockchain Generation: Today in this article we will discuss cryptocurrency blockchain. We will focus on all the new and old aspects of current technology here.

Blockchain Generation Description

BITCOIN is the 1st-G by the Mysterious Nakamoto the Great (2009), Only 4.6 TPS highest (transaction per second, best in its scalability problem, limited rates).
ETHEREUM is Called a 2nd-G, only15 TPS & Wider Functionality (2015). Basis of Numerous Digital Projects (dApps). Its Blockchain is the Father of Most of the Bogus ICO,s.
Not Surprisingly CARDANO was Developed by Charles Hoskinson. A co-Founder of Ethereum, Considered as 3rd-G technology With its Higher Scalability of Current Time-offers Massive TPS, Higher than the VISA Payment System
Which only Handles 1736 TPS, Pre-capped at 45 million Coins, Beats All Other Cryptos In Terms Of Brainpower Amassed.

The First 3 Generation of Blockchain Technology Still facing Weak applicability, Remained Challenges (e.g. complexity, cost & more), Hindered Widespread Adoption.

The 4th-G Blockchain Uses Advanced, Sophisticated Technology, Aimed to Revolutionize the Blockchain Technology. By Overcoming all the Previous Challenges & Capable of Maximizing the Smooth TPS Scalability (from 100k to million TPS based on design). For Faster, Super Powerful Platforms Like Huge Institutions, Industries. Governments to Bring us Closer to Mass Adoption than Ever Before.

Onecoin is on its Way to Adapt & run on Superior 4th-G Blockchain Technology. To Gear up for the Future Demands to Meet the Challenges. And Serve the Masses in the Long Run, a Pride for the Onecoin Lovers. Because Technologically ONE will be Way Much Above Compare to Cardano, Enough to Cause Stress for the Haters. All we Need is “Patience”.Good Things are Happening & Changes are Surely Visible.🙏

Stay Happy Stay Safe. Together for more.

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