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Bitcoin Digital Gold 2020 Report By Bloomberg



Bitcoin Digital Gold 2020: The Bloomberg website has declared that in the year 2020, Bitcoin is the ruler of the cryptocurrency and currency world.

Above all this, bitcoin has been finding as to the Gold of 2020. This has happened when the whole world is going through the era of Kovid-19. It is a huge superpower, it has not been able to save itself.

Let us know in detail about why this happened.

How Bitcoin Digital Gold 2020

Due to Kovid-19, the entire world economy has collapsed today. If we talk about the United States, then the year 2021 has been completely closed.

America is the world’s largest superpower and it has not been able to control the disease. In the United States, about 10000 people are dying in a day.

At this time, traffic is completely closed all over the world. Which is why the price of crude oil fell below zero in the last two-three days.

This is happening because the whole world is connecting to each other. All businesses are directly and indirectly connected to each other.

Everything from oil industry tourism to the air industry has stopped. But all decentralized platforms such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still seeing themselves in good positions.

And the reason for this is that all cryptocurrencies are completely independent, no matter the economy scene of any country.

Bitcoin Digital Gold 2020:

You must have often seen that there is always an increase in the price of gold. But during this period of economic crisis, gold prices have also fallen.

But Bitcoin cryptocurrency and other works are still proving themselves to be the reason. That Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the gold of 2020.

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