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Best Currency With Value Except Exchange 2020



Best Currency With Value Without Exchange
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Hi, have you ever heard about any currency with value? If no! don’t worry I am going to explain everything about it in detail.

Have you ever heard about the second-hand vehicle or used vehicle cost? They are mostly half or one-fourth of the new vehicle cost. Why it is so?

Why the original cost become half after the vehicle came on the road from the showroom?

Dear viewers this all is because of exchange value. When any company launches a new bike or car its value is decided by the company. But when it comes on the road even it is brand new its value dropped to half or some more.

The same thing happened with the currency. But the concept is some different. Actually we are talking about cryptocurrency here.

In the online crypto market, the cryptocurrency price of value is defined with its demand and supply calculation.

But I am telling you about ONE the only currency with value without exchange.

This is the Currency With Value Without Exchange

OneCoin is the only currency with value without an exchange launch. It is possible because of DealShaker usability and OneLife education.

Viewers OneCoin is the only cryptocurrency available in the market with some value without exchange.

Suppose I give someone 100 rupees, not in India. Now the receiver can buy goods or service which has a worth of 100 rupees.

Similarly, If I will 100 Rs, not to someone in the US then he can’t buy anything until he will exchange this 100 rupees, not with US dollars.

Suppose if there will be no exchange in the world that provides USD to INR transaction then INR will have zero value in the US.

Something is with OneCoin cryptocurrency. Currently, there is no exchange that can exchange ONE with fiat or another cryptocurrency.

Then the value should be equal to zero in the open market. It assumed so.

But this thing proved wrong with OneCoin cryptocurrency. OneCoin has a 29.95 Euro value on the DealShaker platform. We can buy any product and any service here with OneCoin payment.

How OneCoin Currency Have Value Without Exchange

OneCoin currency has value because of its usability and huge userbase. Actually we all know that it is because of users who create the company and its existence.

If there will be no merchants then there will be no company existence. People are purchasing an education package with the OneLife network. And the are using free promotional tokens for mining OneCoins.

The coins can be used on Dealshaker for buying goods and services. As coins are free people happily using them on DealShaker.

And as so many people are there as buyers and sellers they are creating an active ecosystem. Which has merchants, buyers, currency, and shopping platform?

OneCoin is a currency that has a growing value without any existing exchange platform.

  • ONE
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • ECommerce
  • KYC
  • Blockchain

All these are connected and creating huge demand that increases the value. So, only saying that OneCoin currency has value is not complete.

The proper sentence will be that OneCoin is a currency that has a growing value without any existing exchange platform.

OneCoin is a currency that has a growing value without any existing exchange platform.

The reality of OneCoin Value Without Exchange

OneCoin payment can be used to buy House, Plot, Hotel, Clothes, Vegetable, Cosmetic, Jewellery, and almost all required items.

And it is completely true. You can check all active deals on the DealShaker.Com website.

Benefits of OneCoin

  1. OneCoin is a completely true and reliable cryptocurrency in the market.
  2. Plot, home, car, bike, hotel, phone, vegetable, and clothes, also many other products and services can be bought with onecoin.
  3. OneCoin is working for the last five years and survived.
  4. People can use OneCoin as a currency within ONE ecosystem.
  5. New Merchants are coming to this business on a daily basis.

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