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Asking For OneCoin Exchange See Below Report



Today I am going to share an important message for the whole OneLife family ad almost all those people who are always asking for OneCoin exchange see below report.

For all part of people who are not serious, from the OneCoin community who ask for the Exchange!!

Do you really want the Exchange without Usability and Stability? 👇

Friday the 13th. Panic in the market: Stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies are flying down. So, I decided to count a few numbers. See how asset values ​​have changed over the past month:

Asking For OneCoin Exchange See Below Report

  • Apple -25%
  • Tesla -43%
  • Facebook -34%
  • Netflix -21%
  • Alibaba -20%
  • Uber -47%
  • Twitter -35%
  • Amazon -23%
  • Lyft -58%

Cruise operators:

Royal Caribbean -77%
Norwegian Cruise -79%
Carnival -65%


American Airlines -55%
Delta Air Lines -45%
United Airlines -58%


ExxonMobil -42%
Gazprom -32%
Royal Dutch Shell -49%
Chevron -30%


S&P -30%
Dow Jones -31%


Bitcoin -52%
Ethereum -57%

The world economy has completely collapsed, all the people have become bankrupt, the entire stock market has fallen into a pit.

But now is the time for all 1life members to understand their coin’s importance. If we are to emerge from this recession, we have to digitalize ourselves.

And for this, we have to adopt One Coin Cryptocurrency and other platforms like it. Because the only coronavirus has put the whole world on the backfoot.

OneCoin Exchange See Below
OneCoin Exchange See Below

The figures that we have presented here are of date only till now, we cannot say anything for the time to come.

Because right now only 2 countries, Coronavirus has wreaked havoc, all other countries are now dealing with this virus.

When the emergency will be implemented at the international level in the whole world, then what will be the situation, I am very upset thinking about this.

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