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15th Report Analysis #Very Important: OneCoin News



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IMPORTANT INFO 15th Report Analysis💱

Friends today I will provide 15th Report Analysis from our weekly summary.
MaMa says that following the importance of the 15th weekly report, she wants to add some thoughts:

Point 1

1. The entire documentation was delivered by Onecoin and the Authorities. Only the list is missing, which cryptocurrencies will be negotiated in detail. Very important: everything is ready! One is approved – some details are missing.

Point 2

2. (a most important point of the video Odierno) In all the states in which the OneCoin has been approved for the exchange, the Ministries are called to establish a working group within them.

15th Report Analysis means that there must be a directive from above so that the Ministry forms a working group in each individual country. We think that this happens within the EU in Brussels and that it is sufficient. But we have dozens of states that are part of OneCoin Onelife and there are many ministries where workgroups are created.

And this means that this is a “big caliber” because MaMa does not know other examples where an Exchange has collaborated with a Ministry through a workgroup.

This happens only with instructions from above and shows me quite clearly, how big this thing is, otherwise a Ministry working group would never be part of it.

The local financial supervisors in each country will test it of course. But here we are talking about a ministry and its workgroup, therefore a summit. Furthermore, the meeting with the Authorities will be held by August 20th at the latest. (Not until the end of August) 2 days left.

Then they write in the report: 7 working days later there will be a meeting for the last audit. This means that if all goes normally we can expect a rapid start of the exchange within the next few days … a few weeks.

This report shows details of compliance limits and directives. All done professionally. Data exchange will take place with all authorities. Who did what and where.

The state wants to know more and more about the citizen and everything is agreed at the highest levels. Information will be given to the Authorities and Finance. (sensible and logical)

3. Remitens business: 15th Report Analysis if

If we start for example with an Exchange in Japan or Singapore (or another City in Asia) I will be able to set up permanent orders to pay my leasing installment or my rent in Euro!

This is a bomb and it is only possible if the compliance guidelines are in order! The detailed information will be given to us later but there will be no difference if we make transfers from a Conventional Bank or in the future from an Exchange in Japan or another City.

If they are small, for example, € 2,000 a month, no check if I buy an € 80,000 BMW e
I make a fiat transfer from Japan to Europe. Compliance (finance) will want to know where the money comes from. The BMW Dealer account will suffice. Discussion: why do we need an IPO?

Sahib Habib (lawyer and Supreme Onelife) said: for a legitimate exchange we need an ICO or an IPO. From our point of view, there can be no ICO and we have never had one. We have already distributed the coins and ICO is considered scarce worldwide.

So only one IPO remained. One of Dr. Ruja’s latest statements was: there will be an IPO. Everything indicates that we get an IPO.

15th Report Analysis Point 4

4. MaMa is ultra-confident and says that in the final August, September, early October maximum it will all start and we will have reached the finish line!

Point 4

5. To maintain the value of the Coin we will not be able to change all our Coins immediately, but we need the possibility of freedom of exchange.

6. Suggests reading the report several times to understand what it says.

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