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Why ONE Digital Currency Not Bitcoin?? (ʘᗩʘ’)



In 2017, the digital currency market suddenly became collectively arrogant, and the bubble grew bigger and bigger. In December, the price of bitcoin rose to 20,000 US dollars. Many investors in the currency firmly believe that Bitcoin can rise to 1 million US dollars per piece (after a rapid decline, the lowest fell to 3,000 US dollars, currently at 10,000 US dollars) Fluctuating left and right).

At this time, the development of digital currency has long since departed from the original intention of the founder “Zhong Bencong”.

After the financial crisis in 2008, the central banks of the world’s major countries implemented loose monetary policies, and the depreciation of the US dollar and major French currencies diluted domestic wealth and caused dissatisfaction among many people.

A computer expert with the pseudonym “Zhong Ben Cong” released a currency without borders – Bitcoin. He hopes to establish a non-state-controlled super-sovereign currency through this illegal, borderless currency and decentralized distributed network.

However, since Bitcoin does not have a responsible entity for currency issuance, there is no institution or asset to maintain the stability of bitcoin prices, so bitcoin prices have risen and fallen to become the norm.

The main function of money is to serve market transactions. The duty of money is stable, not appreciation or depreciation. Therefore, Bitcoin, where price fluctuations are extremely large, cannot assume the responsibility of money. Bitcoin eventually became a tool for digital currency speculators, and the desire of “Zhongben Cong” was ruined.

So creating a super-sovereign digital currency that serves market transactions and is stable in value is the true future of digital currency.