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What Is Bitcoin In Hindi | Detailed Explanation | Best In 2020



Bitcoin In Hindi

Bitcoin In Hindi: Bitcoin is a virtual currency [ Cryptocurrency ] based on the cryptography system. It is a decentralized currency that has no regulating authority like RBI or central banks. Bitcoin works on the basis of P2P peer to peer blockchain network without the need for intermediatory.

How Bitcoin Transaction are verified?

Right now you may be wondering how if there is no third party intermediate in bitcoin, then there is a transaction here.

BTC or Bitcoin transactions are confirmed in blocks [ Nodes ] through cryptography and recorded in a publically distributed ledger.

Friends of this publicly distributed ledger are called the blockchain. There are also many differences regarding the invention of bitcoin.

According to the best-known information, bitcoin was invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. But it is not yet clear whether Satoshi Nakamoto was a man or was it a group.

But whatever he invented was very amazing.

Since 2009, there have been more than 3000 cryptocurrencies in the market and this number is increasing day by day.

Cryptocurrency is Ban In India

Today in this article we learn a lot about bitcoin in Hindi and in another very simple language. But something has left behind.

In India, all cryptocurrencies are banned by the Indian government. All activities related to cryptocurrency are banned here and if a person is found to be doing so, he can be imprisoned for a minimum of 10 years.

No one can mine, trade, hold, and deal in cryptocurrency in India.

The Indian government is passing rules and impending regulation for cryptocurrency in the upcoming time. But till then it is illegal in India.

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