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Specifics Of One Centralized System ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)



Specifics of the ONE centralized system

Hi friends today we going to know about the special key features or you can say Specifics of the ONE centralized system.

Friends, we have covered some such things through which we will get to know how OneCoin Cryptocurrency is better than other cryptocurrencies. Friends, most of you may not know about these features of One Ecosystem.

And you are often confused about what will happen to our future? So after reading all these points carefully, you will be completely satisfied.

So let’s start and get to our issue as quickly as possible.

Detail Specifics of the ONE Centralized System

The Centralized blockchain offers much more customization and control to the company or the organization deploying it over the network.

The company is enabled to sanction IMA-s who violate T&C according to the Internal Sanction policy.

The Company can search and monitor IMA-s behavior according to regulations (PEP and Sanction lists)

The Company can apply AML/CFT and reporting procedures if necessary (if reasonable grounds are present to consider an identity or financial fraud have been committed)

The Company is enabled to decide independently who can participate and have access to the network. (Onboarding policy, Sanction policy). Specifics of the ONE centralized system.

Тhe Company can apply all KYC and KYCC regulations and in that sense is closer to financial institutions and government. In many locations, cryptocurrencies are not regulated and this enables the applicable CDD process to bank the unbanked people.

The Centralized blockchain is more environmentally friendly since they do not need so many resources to implement and to secure the entire network.

The bigger the public blockchain is (Bitcoin, for instance), the more miners are needed to make things work.

So friends, as we can see Bitcoin mining, is too costly and everyone can’t afford it. And in the upcoming time, it will become more costly to mine bitcoin.

Organizations and companies can store and protect their most valuable data with the help of a centralized blockchain.
Soon it will be available on


I hope that you have understood all the information given by this post for Specifics of the ONE centralized system. If you have any question or suggestion in addition, you can comment on us.

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