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OneCoin Specifics 100% Legal For Exchange (͡• ͜໒ ͡• )




Dear friends! today we will discuss OneCoin Specifics in this post. @Congratulations OneCoin 100% legal for Exchange 🤑. I would like to thank everyone who was with OneCoin in the meantime.

And also I would like to appreciate that courage which keeps you positive. Now the time has come to get our rewards.

OneCoin Specifics For Its Uniqueness

What is so unique and interesting with just OneCoin is precise that it is contrary to all other cryptocurrencies. It is unique just like Bitcoin was in the beginning.

The difference is that OneCoin is a centralized coin and therefore easy to keep track of.

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies move freely on the market and cannot be controlled by the authorities and it creates clutter in the financial world.

Visibility and knowing who owns the Bitcoin are limited. And enables criminals to carry out operations outside the authorities and banks’ knowledge.

OneCoin Specifics For KYC And Account Verification

However, with OneCoin, all members who own the coins are registered “KYC” and it is liked by the financial sector. Plus would someone try to steal your coins so it is equal to zero?

Each coin is unique with a personal code linked to your name and account and therefore traceable. The whole concept of one coin is impeccable.

OneCoin Specifics In Terms of One Academy

  1. OneAcademy education gives you a 7 level of simplified, relevant financial modules developed by finance experts and academics, to aid individuals in navigating and increasing their understanding of our financial and monetary systems.
  2. OneAcadamy is promoted through our global OneLife network.
  3. Dealshaker is the first worldwide cryptocurrency shopping platform, where you and many other Onecoin holders around the globe can exchange your Onecoin ‘ONE’ for an area of goods and services.
  4. OneCoin is a cryptocurrency used by global consumers and retailers. Exchanging your Onecoin for goods and services helps stabilize its value, therefore reducing volatility.
  5. With One Forex Trading platform, you’ll have 24 hours, 5 days a week access to trade your ONE coins against the world’s major currencies.
  6. ONE cryptocurrency is based on a centralized blockchain system where transparency, efficiency, security, and peace of mind is paramount to us. Hence, our integrated Customer Due Diligence (CCD) to comply with the requirements of relevant legislation and regulation.
  7. With our One World Foundation charity, we give back by delivering services and making positive changes happen in children’s lives.

OneCoin has almost 3.5 million users globally with proper verified KYC. And soon these people are going to change their lives and they will fulfill their dream soon.

Let’s show you the way to expand your financial literacy and build your legacy together with OneCoin Mission!

OneCoin Blockchain

Designed for mass transactions prepared for the future. The OneCoin Blockchain contains every transaction ever made in OneCoin.

Anonymous transactions are not allowed. And the company strictly follows the anti-money laundering policy. Carrying out KYC procedures in the various aspects of its activities.

Validate and store information in consistent and continuous sequences. This makes the system more secure by eliminating any attempt at fraud, deceit, and forgery. The Blockchain is based on protocols that authenticate.

Following its centralized system, the OneCoin Blockchain does not resemble a public accounting book, as with those of decentralized cryptocurrencies.

For this reason, we are proud to be the first cryptocurrency company in the industry. To have introduced a monthly audit of its Blockchain.

All audit reports of the OneCoin Blockchain have shown that it is consistent and that the amount of mined coins is genuine.

To be more clear!

No doubt a massive and much bigger financial crash than the one in 2008 is imminent. And that could be the end of fiat currency as it is the main cause of devaluing our currencies and increasing inflation.

It is clear that we must move towards Digital Cryptocurrency today or tomorrow. Which is finite and controlled by the users only. And e-wallet will be our own bank.

So, now you imagine what we will bring for the masses as the Biggest Educated Family In The Whole World !!

My Opinion

Before the end of the year, I am sure that Dealshaker and OneCoin will shake the whole market to the level. That the stock markets will react very positive. A new era for a whole new payment concept has opened its doors to the world. And only the future will tell what the value will end up on.


So I stated all OneCoin Specifics here but Remember! The more people that come into the system, the greater the value increases over time. Demand, supply, and availability are the keywords to success.

For those members that think they can exchange their coins to cash when exchange opens can forget that. Exchange is only for merchants. When can we change our coins? Maby 1-2 months. Merchants are priority one.



  1. Anil

    August 18, 2019 at 1:26 pm

    Nice good time in Germany

  2. Ulli Maier

    August 29, 2019 at 11:43 pm

    OneCoin wird die Finanzmärkte revolutionieren

  3. Adriana Sotres Cota

    September 20, 2019 at 4:02 am

    Onecoin, onelife, they financial revolution

  4. Erlingur Þorsteinsson

    October 6, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    Who said it was easy?

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