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New Cryptocurrency License From Iran Government $7.3 Million



New Cryptocurrency License: All countries are now beginning to understand the importance of cryptocurrency. Just big news has come from Iran.

The government here has granted a license to a cryptocurrency company worth 7.3 million dollars.

Even countries like Iran have now understood that if we have to save our economy. And fight fiercely like a coronavirus.

So we have to pay full attention to digitalization and there is a dire need to take all concrete steps related to it.

Iran Become 4th Country

The cryptocurrency company that Iran has licensed has previously operated in 3 big countries such as Canada, US and United Kingdom.

Iran has become the fourth country in the world to be granted a license by this cryptocurrency company.

This license will significantly increase the economy of Iran and there was no impact of any economic slowdown here.

What is New Cryptocurrency License From Iran Government

The government of Iran has granted a bitcoin mining license to a Turkish company. According to this license, it can mine cryptocurrency of 6,000 gigs power.

We want to let you know that mining capacities in any country are determined by the United States.

With this license, Iran has become the fourth largest country in the country which has so much mining capacity.

This sounds a bit strange because in the case of cryptocurrency. There have been many differences between Iran and the United States.

There have been fights between the United States and Iran in the past. When it came to light that Iran had made it known to the world to create its own cryptocurrency.

In fact, the United States did not want the value of its dollar to make any difference. But now with this license, it has itself granted this exemption to Iran.

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