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Now Maps Will Guide To Use Cryptocurrency Amazing 2020



Maps Will Guide To Use Cryptocurrency: It’s amazing now maps will guide to spend the cryptocurrency. Soon we will use maps for finding merchants, Crypto ATMs, Location, Trading, Exchange, etc. similar to banks.

When we go to a new place, we see the location through Google Maps and reach our destination. And if needed, we also find out the direction and distance of our destination through Google Maps.

Using this feature of Google, we can find bank ATMs and other customer service centers. But in the context of cryptocurrency, all these things seemed to be only a fantasy but now it will not happen.

Now you can get directions to use your cryptocurrency using maps and select cryptocurrency ATMs and merchants through Maps.

Now we are going to tell you how all these things have become possible.

Merchant Maps

Using merchant maps, we can find out which merchants are receiving cryptocurrency payments around us. website is adding location features in its algorithm. It will elaborate on the exact location of merchants accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Maps Will Guide To Use Cryptocurrency
Maps Will Guide To Use Cryptocurrency

This mobile application will enable the BTC ATM location. Similar to traditional banks ATM we can find CRYPTO ATMs also.

To find the location of the ATM, you have to enter your own location and select the exit within which the list of all the cryptocurrency ATM will be exposed to you.

Bitcoinmap.Cash Maps Will Guide To Use Cryptocurrency

Maps Will Guide To Use Cryptocurrency
Maps Will Guide To Use Cryptocurrency

It is an amazing website. It has also provided maps for all cryptocurrencies. Initially, we could only use it to find the location of bitcoin and bitcoin cash.

But now four more major cryptocurrency features have been enabled here.

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • ETH
  • DASH

When you use the map of this website and search the cryptocurrency there. You will see the location points and the encryption currency symbols that can be clearly seen in them.

This is an important beginning that aggressively tells us which currency we can use there.

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