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Ledger Live Making You Rich Over Night Without Trading



Ledger Live Earn Crypto Dividend
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Ledger Live

  • Most a secure place to store crypto assets is Ledger Wallet
  • Now Ledger offering dividends on stacking funds through Ledger live.
  • Also, Binance & Coinbase offering dividends on stacking
1. Ledger (How to earn while sleeping)
2. Stacking
3. What are Pros of Ledger Live Stacking
4. What are the Cons of Stacking Funds
5. Is Stacking Legal
6. Conclusion

You will be a little surprise because now you can earn cryptocurrency while sleeping. Ledger Live is offering an opportunity to earn passive money on crypto assets.

1. Ledger

Dear viewers Ledger is a popular hardware crypto wallet. This is a very popular crypto wallet among crypto lovers. For new people, I will say that it is very similar to a bank locker.

As bank locker stores your jewelry and other required documents. Similarly, Ledger’s wallet stores your cryptocurrency.

Recently Ledger offers a service through which everyone can make passive cryptocurrency by stacking crypto funds in ledger live.

How To Earn Crypto By Ledger Live Video

In this video, it is clearly stated that you can earn crypto rewards in three simple steps. The main concept is that you will earn on the safety of your hardware wallet.

You just need to manage your Tezos(XTZ) through your Ledger Live account.

  1. Just open your Tezos(XTZ) account and click on earn reward.
  2. Now you will see an option of the delegate to earn the reward.
  3. Chose your delegate account and select your validator.
  4. And finally, confirm your device. That’s all.

This is a very easy process. Also, this whole process is known as Stacking. You don’t need to be a crypto expert.

2. Stacking

As we have seen the whole process above in the video. Stacking is a process to stock crypto funds on an exchange or e-wallet.

This is the first time in the crypto market that you are going to earn a crypto reward through a hardware Ledger Live wallet.

Ledger wallet is used to buy and store multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, etc. But we can earn a reward for stacking and Validating Tezos coin.

There are many more exchange platforms that offer dividends on stacking cryptocurrencies like Binance, Coinbase, etc.

3. Pros of Ledger Live Stacking

1. You can manage your Tezos coin at any time.
2. It makes passive income even while you sleep.
3. No risk or profit or loss, you will earn a reward at the end.

4. Cons of Ledger Live Stacking

1. Risk of Online Security.
2. You have to ensure that the hardware wallet is live
3. The coin has to be stack for a fixed time.
4. You can’t sell coins in the meantime.

5. Is Stacking Legal

Stacking is a completely legal process. We can compare this with the bank’s fixed deposits. Just like we get a reward on our fixed deposits money in the bank after a certain time period.

Or you may understand it like an insurance policy. Just buy an insurance policy and after the maturity date, we will get the double or triple amount.

6. Conclusion

As per the current scenario, the Ledger Live process is a good chance to earn passive cryptocurrency. I completely influenced with this concept.

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