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Is WazirX Legal In India Best News 2020



Is WazirX Legal In India: WazirX is a Mumbai based cryptocurrency exchange in India. Before the crypto ban in India WazirX and other cryptocurrency exchange offers crypto to INR trading and conversion.

But since the Indian Government inforced crypto ban all these facilities are kept on hold. Until unless Government will reopen the crypto trading officially in India.

Dear cryptocurrency investors Binance a global cryptocurrency exchange recently connected with WazirX exchange.

In fact, this news is very important for all Cryptocurrency traders. Binance accepts fiat payment from all over the world except some India like country.

Also, Binance offers payment in multiple payment mediums like PayPal, etc. it is just for example.

Now with the WazirX Binance connection, people can trade Bitcoin with INR separately from India.

Actually, until now the Indian Government did not confirm is legal in India. But due to the P2P peer to peer business model people are using it.

Actually many Indians are doing crypto trading business with P2P technology. And no one can stop peer to peer transactions because of its decentralization method.

Is WazirX Legal In India

Officially this is illegal but it is possible through peer to peer technology. Cryptocurrency trading can be done legally on all international cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcoin is a decentralized platform. It has been banned by the Indian government but is legally prevalent in US UK Canada Germany Japan and other countries.

If a person has a bitcoin ballot and has bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, he can do crypto trading on any international exchange.

Also, we are getting some positive output from the Indian government. The Supreme court is making the decision very soon in this reference.


Is WazirX Legal In India: Officially it is not clear till date but technically it is possible due to P2P peer to peer technology. Bitcoin wallet.

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