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Gold Or Bitcoin | What Is Best In 2020 For Investment



Bitcoin or Gold
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Gold Or Bitcoin: Sometimes when we see a sudden rise in Bitcoin price. We say that Gold is nothing in front of Bitcoin. But when we see the convex movement in bitcoin price, we think gold is the best option.

If you are thinking of investing for your golden future and you have two options, Bitcoin and Gold. Which of these two will improve our future is a very big question.

Today, through this article, we are going to analyze that in which direction we should take our step.

Bitcoin Benefit & Limitations

  • The supply of Bitcoin is limited.
  • Easy to store.
  • Low-cost cross border transaction.
  • Price mainly depends upon last 24 hours trading volume.
  • In some countries, bitcoin is not considered a legal tender.
  • Bitcoins can be secretly transferred from one place to another.
  • Bitcoin promotes criminal activities as it does not contain KYC.
  • Its value always keeps rising and falling.
  • Bitcoin is virtual.

Gold Benefit & Limitations

  • The supply of gold depends upon the mining capacity.
  • My earth is full of precious metals, we just need to research it.
  • Its price is always increasing.
  • Gold is always considered as a legal tender.
  • No government can ban Gold.
  • Gold has a global recognization.
  • Cross border transaction takes so much time and legal formalities.
  • Transportation and security cost is high.
  • Gold has physically appeared.

Gold Or Bitcoin: Gold Is Risk-Free Investment

Bitcoin or Gold
Bitcoin or Gold

Friends, Gold has been considered a risk-free investment all over the world. So, If you want to invest your money in a safe zone, then gold is the best option for you.

But for this, you have to take responsibility for protecting your gold.

Suppose you have bought gold with some of your money and keep it in your house. Likewise, you have to increase the security of your house because anyone can steal gold.

But on the contrary, if you have bitcoin, no one can steal it. You can store bitcoins in your online and offline wallets.

Gold or Bitcoin Investment analysis in short words. Gold is risk-free while Bitcoin has a huge risk of earning and losing your hard-earned money.

Invest In Bitcoin If You Have Guts To Take Risk [ Gold or Bitcoin ]

Dear friend crypto market is uncertain. If you want to take benefits of a sudden price rise. Then you have to dare to take high risk.

Here you can also increase your money 10 times in one night. Conversely, you can also be a pauper within a night.

But if you have gold then you are in the safe zone.

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