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Cryptocurrencies Assets Are Top Performer in The [World]



Cryptocurrencies Assets Bitcoin Beats Netflix And Microsoft
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Cryptocurrencies Assets

Today we are going to discuss best performing cryptocurrencies assets.

  • “Cryptocurrencies Assets are the world’s best performing Assets.”_Coindesk
  • Bitcoin Beats Netflix and Microsoft in 2019_Forbs.
  • The young generation is more influenced by cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology.

Only time is only one unique system that doesn’t look back. Also, It is continuously moving forward with its constant speed.

In 2017 Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies assets were recorded the major game-changer for all investors. But nothing stays for a long time.

The same thing happened with Bitcoin. Multiple regulations issues, security risks, and unawareness make it the worst investment for 2018.

But Bitcoin did bounce back again. Likewise, People are becoming more aware of this new technology. The young generation loves cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin investment.

As per the article published in Cryptocurrencies, assets are the best performing assets in the world. So, These cryptocurrencies’ assets are much better than traditional assets.

Crypto investment provides high returns compared to traditional investments.

Bitcoin Beats Netflix and Microsoft

Since Bitcoin’s price dropped at the beginning of 2018, Bitcoin investment is referred to as a grayscale investment. But recently there are some tremendous changes in its price and trust.

Mostly 25 to 39 age group youths are showing their interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies investment. Likewise, the new young generation has the potential to take higher risks and get a higher return.

As per the report published in, youths are showing more trust in Bitcoin compared to Netflix and Microsoft. The report record Bitcoin trust about 1.84%, Netflix trusts around 1.58% and Microsoft trust around 1.53%.


On the basis of this trust score, we can say that Bitcoin beats Netflix and Microsoft like big companies. That’s a hint of investors’ mood. Anyway, everything is amazing.

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