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Concept of Cryptocurrency !!Success Confirmation!!



Concept of Cryptocurrency

Dear Leaders, There is a need to educate our members when it comes to the ‘Concept of Cryptocurrency.’

The concept is that the cryptocurrency should be used and not sold.

However, most of the members are waiting for ONE to come out in public, so they can liquidate (sell).

We gave Fiat currency
(inferior, as it has inflation) to acquire ONE (superior, no inflation).

It will be silly of us to sell ONE and go back to Fiat currency, as it declines in value over time, whereas cryptocurrency goes up in value over time, as its usability increases.

Therefore, smart people will use their ONE to meet their needs and hold onto the rest.

This lack of understanding, on part of our members, may cause a problem for ONE.

If nobody sells their ONE and the public wants to buy, this will push the price higher.

If most people want to sell and there is no equivalent demand, the price will fall. Hence, the need to have some sort of control.

How To Follow Concept of Cryptocurrency

1. Increase Usability

The most important factor for increasing the demand in the upcoming time we have t focus on usability. Just think of that day when we are using our cryptocurrency for daily requirements.

We have to go to the market and pay cryptocurrency for our vegetables and other food products. When we pay bus and auto fare in cryptocurrency, then we will have a different feeling.

I believe that all these things will take time but just think that when this happens, we will not need any kind of exchange.

And this is the concept of cryptocurrency, the sooner we understand it, the sooner we will be successful.

2. Create More Merchants

To increase the usefulness of cryptocurrency in our daily life, we have to create more and more cryptocurrency merchants. And we have to start this ourselves because every person in the world buys and sells something every day.

First of all, we have to start selling because when we start, only then will other people come forward after being influenced by us.

And gradually we will have to buy goods from our needs from other merchants and one day will come when our ONE ecosystem will be complete.

This day will be the beginning of our success and after that, as we move forward our society will also move forward.

3. Spread Awareness

To do all these things, we must first raise awareness about cryptocurrency in our society. Because people will not adopt it until they know about it.

We have to tell the people how this system works and what is the benefit to the people by adopting this system.

We have to explain to people how to avoid the coming inflation.

Friends If you would like to read more about the concept of cryptocurrency then I will suggest you follow a question on There are a lot of answers to the cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency concept.

OneCoin cryptocurrency is not affected by inflation and an increase in price value even while fiat or mobile money stays the same, or decreases in value, even after years pass. So those who are fighting to dispose of their coins, I think they should think again a little.

  • Have a great weekend & Happy Financial Education