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Top 5 Best Methods To Hide Bitcoin In 2020



Best Methods To Hide Bitcoin: Friends 2020 brings so much happiness and good news to everyone. The crypto market is also experiencing so many positive outcomes like rapid price surge etc.

But as you know security is also the main concern in this respect. As the value of anything increased its security becomes more challenging.

Let’s take the example of Mr. Donald Trump India visit. The only thing we were noticing was security. Because he is the first person of superpower America[The US].

The thing happening with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As the price surging security challenges are also increasing parallelly.

Likewise, it is more challenging to keep our bitcoin safe in 2020. But don’t worry today I am going to share the top 5 methods to hide bitcoin in 2020.

List of The Top Five Methods to Hide Bitcoins

  1. Operational Security,
  2. Anonymity,
  3. Cold Storage,
  4. Brainwallet,
  5. Dexes, and Non-Custodial.
Methods To Hide Bitcoin
Methods To Hide Bitcoin

1. Operational Security

Dear crypto investors, I know that almost all people keep their sensitive information saved in laptop and mobile browser.

They signed into chrome and firefox browser or any other browser they love to use. And keep 2 factors authentication security.

But just wait it’s not enough. people can hijack your sim card. If SIM can be hacked then how Bitcoin is safe.

So, always keep your password unique and different from your identity.

Some important tips:

  • Clear cookies randomly after 3-5 days.
  • The password should be different and unique.
  • Never open your Gmail account except for your personal computer.
  • Keep your antivirus up to date.

2. Anonymity Best Methods To Hide Bitcoin

If you have to continuously grow your business and protect yourself, then you have to keep your personal information a secret.

It is very important to keep your personal mobile number and personal email id secret.

When you share your email ID and mobile number with people, I try to contact you as much as possible. And some hackers take advantage of this thing.

You can share the contact number of your secretary in your business or you can create a temporary email ID.

Along with all these things, it is very important for you to have social awareness, you should know where it is right to share your personal information and where not.

3. Cold Storage Best Methods To Hide Bitcoin

Cold storage security is of great importance for the protection of bitcoins. To secure this type of bitcoin you have to store it in a hardware ballot.

After this, you can place them offline anywhere. But here you have to take responsibility for the physical security of that hard disk or hardware wallet.

Because if someone accidentally damaged your hard disk, you could be at a huge disadvantage.

But this way you will avoid the risk of online hacking, whatever happens here will be in front of your eyes.

4. Brain Wallet Best Methods To Hide Bitcoin

Brain Wallet is another important component of securing Bitcoin. In this method, you can store your bitcoin similar to cold storage.

But you have to keep remember your password in your mind. Suppose if you forget your 12 or 14 digit password what will happen to your bitcoin.

Your methods to hide bitcoin will hide your currency from the world. It will be circulating freely in blockchain as a man without Aadhar Card.

5. DEX And Non-Custodial

When I ask my friends where they have stored their cryptocurrency. Then they answer Coinbase, Binance or any other exchange that offers revenue on holding cryptocurrency.

But you will also know that these exchanges can be hacked. And many such incidents have also been seen.

Sometimes these exchanges have to be closed due to the changing policies of the government.

In the same way, sometimes these exchanges are freeze due to technical problems.

In all these conditions, there is a possibility of your loss being very big, so it is very important to be cautious.

I will let you know that you should keep your cryptocurrency in a decentralized exchange. If you keep your currency in DEX, then you will not have to face any such problem.

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