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Role Of Science In Agriculture Technology Advancement ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)



Role of Science In Agriculture
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Today we will discuss the Role Of Science in Agriculture. Actually it is not bad to say that now Agriculture is a science. Even students are taking a degree in Agriculture Engineering and Agriculture science.

Role Of Science in Agriculture

We live in an age of science. It has changed the face of the earth. Also, It has conquered the forces of nature and harnessed them into the service of mankind. It has increased innumerable facilities for us and has made human life happy and worth living.

Conditions in India

It is becoming very difficult to feed the ever-increasing number of mouths. The conditions in India are worse were about fifty percent of her population is living below the poverty line.

In the absence of the service of science to agriculture, many of us would have died of hunger and starvation. It is due to science that we have witnessed the Green Revolution in India during the last few years.

The advent of machining:

The greatest service of science to agriculture has been the invention of the machine. With the help of machinery, a greater quantity of work is done in the shortest possible time.

The machines driven by petroleum products and electricity have brought about a great revolution in agriculture. Science has given us tractors that can be put to work over large tracts of land.

It has given us sugar and cloth mills which add to the income of the farmers. They can use the increased income in the purchase of better seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural implements of great utility.

Role of Science In Agriculture Irrigation:

Science has increased irrigation facilities. The farmers do not depend much on uncertain weather and rainfall. Science has given them electricity which runs their tube-wells. It gives them light to work at night. Thus science has increased the number of their working hours.

Seeds and fertilizers:

Science has given us an improved variety of seeds and fertilizers. It has given us any sort of pesticide and insecticide. All these factors have led to a great increase in agricultural production.


Thus science has rendered a great service to the farmers. We can’t ignore the role of science in agriculture. Today, every method of agriculture combined with science and technology has become an integral part of it.

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