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The Problem of Price Rise In India Causes & Impact ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)



Problem of prise rise in India
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Today we will discuss the problem of price rise in India. Also, we will see all the causes and who is suffering from it.

There are many big problems before free in India. Soaring prices is one of them. This problem is very serious worldwide but it is affecting our country the most. In our country, it is very dangerous for people who are living below the poverty line.

Price Rise Causes

There are many causes of this problem. Fist, over-population is one of its important causes. Growth in population has checked all our efforts in progress. The production cannot keep pace with the growth of the population. The demand is more than the supply. So the prices go up.

Secondly, black marketers and hoarders take advantage of people,s suffering. They are very greedy. They have no conscience. They desire to earn more and more. Come what may; they do not care.

Whenever there is a shortage of anything, they hoard it and sell it at high prices. So the people have to pay more.

Planning is another cause. Ours is a developing country. In a developing country, prices go up. The development increases the people,s purchasing power. A rise in purchasing power causes prices to go up.

Thus planning is also responsible for price rise. Black money also causes prices to go up. Black money is the root cause of this evil.

Who suffers most With Inflation

Every consumer suffers. But the poor with low income suffer more. They find it hard to make both ends meet.

So they lead a miserable life. Price rise does not affect the rich people much as they are capable. Their ways of life are not much affected.


In the interest of the poor people, the soaring prices should be controlled with a firm hand. If it is not done, the future of our country will not be bright.

If people are not satisfied, our democracy will not last long. Without fair and strict administration black marketers and hoarders cannot be controlled.

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