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The Need Of Population Control In India ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)



Need of Population Control Streets
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Today we will discuss the need for population control in our country. It is becoming a dangerous challenge for the next generation’s future.


India is facing many big problems. The problem of over-population is one of them. It is the most pressing problem before us.

It is a challenge to our prosperity. Likewise, It needs to be tackled. The sooner, the better.

An Estimate of the Present Situation

India’s population is increasing day by day. Now we are about 125 crores. In this respect, we are only second to China.

It is hoped that in 2050 we will leave China behind as after every fifteen seconds a new child is born.

Population Control Effects

The effects of over-population are felt everywhere. The business and trains are overcrowded. The number of unemployed persons is increasing daily. Forests are disappearing.

The housing problem is very acute. Schools and colleges are overcrowded. Parents are worried to see their children unemployed.

Population Control Urgent Need

So there is an urgent need to check the growth of the population. Family planning is the only way.

Planned families are the need of the day. For it, people and the government should co-operate. Without it, the problem cannot be solved.

Efforts by the government

In this respect, our government is very serious. Family planning centers hab has been established throughout the country.

Birth control appliances are given free to people. A government Servant is not allowed to have more than one wife it a time.

The marriage-age four boys and girls have been raised.


People e believe that children are God. They said, “He who has given food.” Such an orthodox view is the main hurdle in controlling the population.

This idea should be uprooted. For this proper education is utmost necessary.

If we succeed to teach the people about the utility of family planning, the pace of our progress will be faster. We shall stand on our feet then.

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