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National Integration
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What is the National Integration

Friends National Integration is the unity of people belonging to different casts, color, religion, culture, and backgrounds. The best example of the National Integration is in India. Where people from multiple religions, casts, cultures, and colors live together.

National Integration Day

Friends the concept of National Integration day was started in 2013. With the memory of India’s first lady prime minister Indra Gandhi.

Indra Gandhi did a lot of great work for the integration of different caste people. She was born on the 19th of November. This 19th November is celebrated as the national integration day in the whole world.

Essay on National Integration

National Integration is becoming a social challenge day by day as the tension between different cultural peoples increasing. Also, We are trying to combine an essay on National Integration.

This national integration essay is for students of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th class. Also, they can use it as the problem of Integration in India in their speech for an upcoming school or college event.

National Integration essay or speech starts from the Introduction and ends with the conclusion section.

National Integration Essay


Our country is a perfect example of the saying, ‘’Unity in diversity.’’ Our nation is composed of different cultures, religions, and languages. India has diversity in each of these things.

There are many religions, many languages and many castes. Our country has no uniform religion, language or caste, but when it comes to nationality all of us are united.

Integration A Great necessity

National Integration

National integration is necessary for the nation’ s existence. If we keep our unity, no foreign power could either enslave us or weaken us. Communal riots result in much less.

A lot of property is destroyed. Men are killed. Work stops and production stops with it. National money is wasting on controlling the riots and giving compensations. If there is national integration, this loss will stop and the country will prosper.

Causes of disintegration

Selfishness in everyone is the root cause of disintegration. People think of their small interests. Likewise, they do not think of the whole country. Some fight for their state, some fight for their tribe, some fight for their language.

One particular community has always fought for its religion. The selfishness of the leaders does the greatest harm. Also, they think only of retaining their own chair. They bow down to the vote banks. Likewise, Individuals and voters are selfish.

They vote for their personal interest and send the enemies of integration to power. Also, The internal enemies have friends outside. Those friends continue to instigate them.

The Solution

Currently, National Integration is becoming a global problem. Likewise, we are seeing threats in many countries like Iran, America, Pakistan, Africa. But this should erase very soon from our society.

Political parties can play an important role. Also, For this, all political parties should sit together. They should decide the necessary steps for integration.

Then every party should swear to support these steps. Newspapers, television, cinema can also play a useful role in developing the feeling of oneness among the people.

National Integration Council

In India, there are many strong groups of political parties and different Non-Government Organisation. These leaders represent their queries and get the solution from the group combination.

Likewise, this whole group of people is called the National Integration Council of India. And this is an important factor for this unity. Also, All the people live together and make their country proud.

National Integration Conclusion

There is the National Integration Council under the Government of India, making for national unity. United we stand, divided we fall.

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My Personal Thoughts

India is a developing country. Soon we are going to make the world’s biggest superpower. Our history has been witness to this. India is going to prove to be the world guru for the world.

We are growing rapidly as a secular state. Our Constitution does not allow us to discriminate on the basis of religion, caste, gender, and color.

Due to small differences, you never speak of yourself and your goal. Never in the history of our country has there been such a bad incident.

At present, there is a government of Hinduist ideology in India. When the Prime Minister gives welfare schemes to poor people, their religion is not seen.

Our country’s unity and integrity are strengthened. We also consider Mahatma Gandhi and Chandrashekhar Azad.

Our country makes Narendra Modi, the tea-seller, the Prime Minister. And the newspaper-seller, Abdul Kalam, who becomes the President of the country.

This is our integrity and this is the main reason for the progress of our country. We are following these footsteps of our ideals.

As a result, there is a feeling of brotherhood in our society.

Importance of National Integration

One of the most pressing problems of India is national integration. It is the need of the hour.
National Integration means the unity and solidarity of the country. It is of utmost necessity for the progress of the country. Without it all talks of prosperity are meaningless.


Now we are on the crossing of roads-one wrong step will create anarchy. The right step will lead to progress. It will make our future. So national integration is the utmost necessity.

The special feature of our country

India is a land of different religions, languages, castes, creeds, and communities. It is a kind of garden where different kinds of flowers blossom. Also, the special feature of our country is unity among diversity. This feature of India is her soul.
So, India is known as a country having unity among diversity. None can check us to follow or reject a custom. This freedom is recognized by the constitution.

The Main Causes of integration

The special feature of our country has become the main cause of integration. Recently a tendency has grown up. Also, This tendency is based on self-interest. Some people say, “Only we are right. Only
our religion and our customs are best.” This is against the principle of ‘Live and let live’.

How to achieve national integration?

If we are desirous of maintaining the national integration of our country, we should accept the principle of life and let others live. So, We should not try to have all the privileges for ourselves.
We should remember-‘Who stands if India falls? Also, This is the only way of survival. No other course is possible. If we do not mold our ideas, we are doomed. None can save us.


A good education is very necessary. It makes us enlightened. Likewise, It is fatal to disruptive like hatred, corruption, and favoritism. It makes us conscious of our duties. Jefferson, the president of America said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” So we should see that nothing should divide us.