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Life In Indian Village Detailed Explanation ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)



Life In Indian Village
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We are going to discuss life in an Indian village in detail from environmental, behavioral, nature, education and technology point of view.

Villages all over India are almost the same. They are full of mud-built houses. There are some fine buildings in villages but they are a few in number. Despite much development, villages in India are still away from conveniences like electricity, proper roads, and hospitals.

Fresh and Open Air

People of the village live in the fresh and open air. There are all-around fields full of green and small plants. This is the reason that villagers are lean and thin but they are healthier than the people of cities.

Helpful Villagers

The people of Villages are not so polite in talks but they are helpful in nature. If a neighbor calls for some help, many are willing to help him at their best.

This quality can be seen everywhere in India since the old days. People are very helpful to others. They care for their neighbor more than self.

Life in Indian Village Simple and Hard

The villagers live a simple and hard life. They work hard from morning till night but their income is not sufficient.

Some people are migrating from villages to cities or towns for a better lifestyle. But as technology improving day by day many people getting good facilities in villages also.

Villages are now becoming self-dependent for primary treatment, education, employment, and facilities.

Amusement of Villagers

In the late hours of the cool evening, they assemble at the ‘Chaupal’. there they talk about moneylenders, small village scandals, dacoits and the market conditions.

Here they discuss the current situation and decide for a better future for everyone. Everything from marriage to buying of lands decided on Chaupal.

People of villages are famous for their Chaupal leadership. It is a good place for knowing the current situation and news of the whole day. You may call it the news center of the village.

Customs and Quarrels

They follow every custom seriously. A village quarrel is a very strange affair. People like to quarrel on small matters.

I have seen many people fight for their agriculture lands boundary. Actually they are not visionary. And keep quarreling over small things.

The most frequent family disputes are seen in villages. The main reason for this is the lack of education and little thinking.

Now people are moving from illiteracy to literacy and they are becoming visionary personalities.

Life in Indian Village For Children

The village children have an interesting time. They are always carefree, they can lie in the muddy ponds and tramp about in the fields. They attend the village school.

Slowly, the level of education is improving for village children. They are moving from Hindi medium to English medium for better career opportunities.

Village Life Conclusion

Life in an Indian village is different. But now the village life is improving The village panchayats, the co-operative banks and the blocks are doing good service in the villages. The villagers have taken to the Green Revolution and are producing good crops.

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