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Baby Girl Names Starting With Krishna



Today We will see Baby Girl Names Starting With Krishna in this post. Krishna is the name of Lord Vishnu’s 8th Avatar.

Similar to Shree Ram Krishna Ji are also Ideal for many people. They like to give names with Krishna to child.

Today in the article we will see the complete detail of these names.

Baby Girl Names Starting With Krishna [ Common Uses ]

SNBaby Girl Names With Krishna
1.Krishna Radhika
2.Krishna Sunheri
3.Krishna Kanhiya
4.Krishna Kanti
5.Krishna Sundri
6.Krishna Priya
7.Krishna Arjana
8.Krishna Anchal
9.Krishna Murti
10.Krishna Kriti
11.Krishna Rani

Baby Girl Names Starting With Krishna Surname [ Special Uses ]

In these names, we are collecting different Gotras and Cast surname. You can select any name as per your cast and Gotra.

SNList of Names
1.Krishna Kumari
2.Krishna Chouhan
3.Krishna Choudhary
4.Krishna Pal
5.Krishna Pandit
6.Krishan Saini
7.Krishna Goutam
8.Krishna Yadav
9.Krishna Tomar
10.Krishna Mahalwan
11.Krishna Sharma
12.Krishna Rani
13. Krishna Verma
14.Krishna Chopda
15.Krishna Khanna
16.Krishna Dixit
17.Krishna Rajput
18.Krishna Mourya
19.Krishna Prajapati
20.Krishna Srivastava
21.Krishna Gupta
22.Krishna Malini
23.Krishna Krishna
24.Krishna Rajput
25.Krishna Kakad
26.Krishna Nigam
27.Krishna Kher
28.Krishna Kapoor
29.Krishna Mangesker
30.Krishna Bachchan
31.Krishna Routela
32.Krishna Kulkarni
33. Krishna Kushwaha
34.Krishna Rana
35.Krishna Mukerji
36.Krishna Chawla


Here we have shown some names by adding an example. If you belong to any of these castes or gotras, you can select any of these names.

But if you have some other surname, you can also use it, it depends on your wish. You can keep whatever name suits your personality.

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