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An Ideal Family Meaning & Summery ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)



Ideal Family
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  • What is an ideal family and what are some special qualities of it?
  • On what parameter we define the perfect family?
  • Also, what is the meaning of Ideal Family?

An ideal family is a source of joy. It is the gift of God. Also, It is the basis of our happiness and prosperity. It makes us carefree. It makes us cultured and enlightened. Likewise, It makes home happy.

All above questions will be solved if you will read the below qualities.

Essential Qualities of an Ideal Family

Essentials for a family are given below.

(a) Self-sacrifice:

The feeling of self-sacrifice helps the atmosphere of families remain peaceful. It is due to the lack of proper adjustment. An ideal position should be that the elders should sacrifice their convenience and comfort for the sake of the younger members and the children should respect and obey the elders

(b) Tolerance

Tolerance is the foundation of a family’s happiness. No two persons think alike. They differ in many things but it is the quality of tolerance that makes them united and live happily under a roof. The more tolerance a family has the more happiness it will have.

(c) Health

Health is another necessary requirement. A family cannot remain happy if its members are ill and peevish. Unhealthy persons become ill-tempered. A minute thinks to become the cause of grumbling.

(D) Discipline

Discipline is of utmost necessary for maintaining peace in the family. Without discipline, the family is bound to be disintegrated. For discipline, mutual consideration and soft words are very necessary.

(e) money

An ideal family or a happy home should be financially sound. Lack of money causes dissatisfaction. Though money is not everything, yet its importance cannot be overlooked. It fulfills our daily needs.

So a family must have enough money for its daily needs. A poor family becomes a place of quarrel and undesirable events.

Ideal Family Conclusion

In my opinion mutual considerable sense of self-sacrifice, tolerance, good health and discipline are some of the essentials that make the atmosphere of the family peaceful and carefree.

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