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An Essay On Diwali In English For Students ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)



Dear Students are you looking for an essay on Diwali in the English Language for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th class students. Then here I am providing a well-written Essay on Diwali for 2020.

Essay On Diwali In English

So, my friends essay on Diwali starts from here.


India is a land of fairs and festivals. They reflect the cultural life of a nation. Some festivals and fairs have some religious importance, while others have some historical reasons.

A national festival :

Diwali is one of the most important festivals. It is our national festival. Likewise, we celebrate throughout the nation with great rejoicings. It is celebrated on the Amavasya of Kartika every year.

Reason for its celebration:

On this day Lord Shri Ram Chandra returned to Ayodhya after fourteen years’ exile. The Sikhs celebrate it as their Guru Har Gobind Singh was set free on this day by the Mughal emperor.

It is also an important seasonal festival for farmers. They enjoy a well-earned holiday. Crop of grain comes to the house from farms.

Preparations for the festival:

A few days before the festival, the people clean their shops and houses and have time white-washed. Old things are replaced by new ones. People purchase new utensils, sweets, Rheel, Batasha, candlesticks, Randeels, crackers, etc. , on this day. there is a great rush at the sweet shops and the shops of crackers. It is the most enjoying day for children.

The climax:

The evening and night of the festival is the festival’s climax. There are joy and mirth everywhere. The shops and the houses are lit up with colorful lights.

On the top of many of the houses, there are the rows of the lighted candlesticks, earthen lamps, and colorful electric bulbs. After’9’Larshmi pooja’ (Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth in Hindu mythology) the children and the young men burst crackers and display fireworks.

People meet each other in a cheerful mood and exchange sweets in a lovable manner. The traders and businessmen, on this day, close their old accounts and re-open new accounts.


The festival has its own value and utility. People get employment, like making earthen-lamps, items of decoration crackers and sweets. Likewise, some people waste huge amounts of money on firecrackers.

Ear-shattering sounds and a lot of smoke, emitted by these, pollute the environment. Also, it is a great pity that many people indulge in gambling on this occasion. It is not good and this evil should be uprooted.



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