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Hello, friends, my name is Begram Singh. I am the owner of the WJSNews site. We have an effective team that covers news from multiple sections. We all are the specialist and top leaders of our fields.

Friends if you want to get information about cryptocurrencies like OneCoin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and any other cryptocurrency then is here to help you.

Along with cryptocurrency, we provide our reviews and buyers guide on the latest and running products. The best product review and buyer guide along with all the pros and cons of the products are described in detail.

All the reviews of our website are originally based on our personal used and sometimes we collect information from the customers.

The Motive of WJSnews

Friends our main objective is to make people aware of being financially strong. And to educate them about their needs. Sometimes we help them with our How To section.

We want to teach people skills for many topics about web designing, Blogging, Crypto news and selection of best products within our budget.

WJSNews Team

  1. Begram Singh: Owner and Visionary Personality for WJSNews
  2. Kumar: CEO, Tech Engineer, Blogger Deal with all technical issues and crypto investment.
  3. Rajesh Shishodia: HR Manager, Author, and Blogger
  4. Shashank Saini: Author Educational Writer & Blogger
  5. Anuj Saini: Contributor, Editor And Content Writer.
  6. Ram Kumar: Content Writer And Blogger.
  7. Priyanka Saini: Contributor, Editor And “How to” Content Writer.
  8. Pooja Saini: Contributor, Editor And “Life Style And News” Content Writer.
  9. Arti Saini: Contributor, Editor And “Arts And Home Decoration” Content Writer.
  10. Sarvesh Saini: Contributor, Editor And “Management And Food” Content Writer